Jordin Sparks — Jason Derulo’s Excuse for Break-Up Is BS! | TMZ

Jordin Sparks is throwing shade on Jason Derulo for saying he ended their 3-year relationship because she was pressuring him to marry her.

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Jordin Sparks — Jason Derulo's Excuse for Break-Up Is BS! | TMZ


  1. What a nice girl ^^ I hope he regrets this when she finds a more mature, family oriented guy that she deserves.

    • +Sarah Brown
      Because she’s soooo unbelievably pretentious and fake. I can’t stand just a few minutes of that honestly. If you can’t see her total fakeness then you’re probably not a genuine person yourself. She’s definitely not genuine and you can tell she thinks she’s a hot diva or something even though she looks like she works at fucking walmart. I mean just everything about her is horrible, her looks, her clothes, the way she communicates. It’s ALL bad. This is one of the most unattractive people I’ve ever seen. And I mean unattractive is an overall sense, not simply looks.

    • Jo Lea oh she already did that, and about to start a family with her new hubby sorry Jason.

  2. Its either she is very good actress or Jason just made the biggest mistake of his life leaving this sweet,talented and beautiful lady. she looks and acts way above age 24. In Jason’s defense he is 25,very few guys at his level want to settle down. I really don’t blame him. with age will come maturity and family,right now he just wants to have ‘fun’ which is sad but true! She deserves someone more matured and ready!

  3. So Jason is going around saying she was needy and so and she goes around saying she wishes the best for him and his career. Princess and Dbag

    • +Alexandra M alright give me the link at tell me at what time he said iy because i’ve watched all his others interviews and he didn’t say it once can’t wait for you to give me the link.

    • There isn’t anything wrong with a woman who is needy with high standards. Hide line need to be met when someone draws the line. Or your done

  4. Its best that he ended the relationship rather than leading her on and getting married then divorced in less than a year like the rest of these hollywood couples. #goodluckjordin

  5. He broke up with her just as he was going on tour too. Jason we see you bro! But this chick aint gon have no problems finding a man

  6. I would have married her right away that’s exactly what is wrong with black men.They want to live their lives with absolutely no responsibility. All they want is to live their whole lives wild and out of control like wild teenagers and no one ever forces them to grow up and take on responsibility.

  7. Jordin is my ideal woman. Sexy and mature, a type of woman not any guy can have.

  8. I love this girl. I look back and say “Thank God she and Chris didn’t hook up back in their “No Air” days”
    Like seriously, she’s so great.Seems like such a warm, down to earth person.

    • Real. If she would’ve hooked up with Chris, I don’t think she would’ve been oh so sweet now. Look at rihanna

    • Bayo106 ….yeah before he meet Rihanna he was so sweet and kind but after he got the tattoo and change his hair color and all the troubles start 😔😔😔😔

  9. I’ve always thought Jason was gay. Still do, especially with the way he’s been bashing her.

  10. He broke up with her because he wasn’t ready to settle down. He’s becoming a bigger and bigger star as the years continue and he most likely doesn’t want that momentum to die down. This is something he’s been dreaming for his whole life and he’s finally seeing the fruits of his labor. He wasn’t ready. The best decision he could have done is break up with her versus waste her time and go through the motions. He wasn’t able to give her what she needed because they were on two different pages and we shouldn’t judge, or hate, him for that. 

    • +Champ Johnson He’ll end up regretting it though when the fame, fashion and foolishness dies down. She’s a class act…and you can’t buy class.

    • +Champ Johnson Then why do a song about marrying her with her as the lead girl on the video ? That just made that her hope rise up and think they were on the same page..if he wasnt he shouldnt make that video…

    • My BF Tony broke up with me is the same reason like Jason 😢. Hiazz.. But I can wait if my BF is not rdy. I still luv my bf..

    • finally someone that thinks straight, she could’ve supported him but wanted to settle and it’s not her fault either, both wanted each other but also different things, it just happens sometime sadly

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