Steve-O Reacts To Bam Margera Falling Off The Wagon | TMZ

Steve-O is an expert on rehab and substance abuse … and he's torn up over the recent troubles of old friend and "Jackass" co-star Bam Margera.


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  1. Nobody would have dreamed steve-o would have turned into the person he is today 15 years ago.

    • Annastasia Ok as a former meth addict who lost my father that was paralyzed on the right side of his body and that I took care of for years died, do you know what I did? I stayed sober and grieved properly. I’m sick of hearing that bullshit excuse. He was a lousy drunk before Dunn died, and Bam will die a lousy drunk and only his fleas will mourn him.

    • Not to mention he isn’t on t.v. anymore, got divorced after doing a tv show about getting married, and his injuries prevent him from serious competition skating. Everyone else grew up but he diddnt and drinking is just his escape back to the glory days.

    • +Anthony R all accounts are anonymous on youtube are basically anonymous

    • stupid universe 731C did I contradict that? No. I was pointing out talking like that isn’t so bold on here so foh

  2. If you would have told me 15 years ago that from that group of Jackasses, Steve O would emerge as the voice of reason and maturity, I would have said you’re crazy.

    • I-Love-CO Mountains
      When it comes to sobriety, different things work for different people. There are a couple programs out there that differ from AA in their addiction philosophy. There aren’t many that aren’t “faith based” like AA. I just don’t know enough about them to comment on them. Google search “Rational Recovery.” All I know about them is they are non-faith based. However, from the looks of there website, it appears like they are trying to sell you something. That is ONE good thing about AA, it’s totally free. Kick in a buck or two in the coffee fund, stack some chairs at the end of a meeting and your dues are paid. Beware of programs that make you pay for sobriety. Also, watch out for “out the door sales” from some programs. Things like self-help books, inspirational audio CD’s, a VIP-only seminar in Orlando are all examples of ways shady recovery programs can get your money.

    • Otto von Kurzhaar If you would have told me 15 years ago that Steve-O was still alive, I would call bullshit.

    • +Ryan Kleinstiver Don’t forget when he staple-gunned his nuts to his left and right leg, respectively. The guy has come such a long way.

  3. I was a sophmore at west chester university pennsylvania in 2000. Saw some guy on skates fall down the steps of out student union building. Then he skates away into some pushes and a guy with a hand held camera (before cell phone cameras) follows him. That fall i see this on mtv. They were filming the first season of jackass. Who knew it would become what it became

    • +J Dawg obviously someone who was clueless to jackass before mainstream popularity. Lol I’m assuming there was a cutoff point between your gen & 90’s skaters.

    • bassage13 Dude you’re honestly so cool pulling the “bro old news” bit the guy was just telling a story

    • I grew up not far & worked at the Best Buy in Plymouth Meeting during the CKY days. Spotted a Ryan Dunn buying camera equipment one day and said what up and he was a cool and funny guy.

  4. This is a video definition of “real talk”. The world could use more of it.

  5. As a person in recovery, I can tell Steve-O is on the right track. “It’s not just a stopping, there’s stuff we do in recovery”

    • “Recovery” is code word for the process that AA cult members go through while trying to manage their addictions. While 12 step programs work for a small percentage of addicts, the vast majority do not find any kind of relief from their suffering. In the case of every other medical problem, if one solution doesn’t work, a medical professional will work with you on finding the best solution for you. And. Medical professionals never criticize if a particular solution does not work. Cancer, for example, responds to different approaches to treatment. The trouble with AA and their members. One of many problems with the program, is their utterly bizarre need to criticize other treatment options and belittle those who do not seek theirs. If their treatment isn’t working it is the fault of the patient. Another issue is that their treatment, created around 80 years ago as a Christian based treatment for alcoholic…Christians. In order to market to a wider audience, they removed all mentions of “god” and replaced with “higher power”, however, it is still very much akin to praying for recovery instead of seeking medical help. (Yes yes I’m sure the steps you work are much more involved than praying). In all. I’m
      Glad for anyone who finds a treatment that works. AA members should also be happy for people, even if that treatment isn’t their own. But AA is very much a cult and their members will not congratulate nor be happy for anyone who gets treated outside “the rooms”. In fact, they outright deny that there are any other successful treatments and will not refer to those people as “clean”. I find this practice offensive and dangerous as we are in the middle of an epidemic and desperately need evidenced based medical options for addiction. If you want to pray the addition away and that works for you that’s fantastic! But please, don’t shame others for seeking other methods of recovery. And don’t put your approach above anyone else’s.

    • I’m surprised AA worked for him as it rarely works for people. With their low success rate I’m always surprised at how their members shame others for seeking medically based treatment options as opposed to their Christian based program ( please, it’s Christian based and you know it. Just because they went through and replaced the mention of god with “higher power”, doesn’t make it any less Christian). They are very much a cult and nowhere else in the medical profession will a doctor shame people based on what treatment works for them. AA members won’t even recognize other treatment options as viable for others and will often claim people aren’t “clean” unless they do it their way. We are in the middle of an epidemic. You people need to stop. Your treatment rarely works and people end up dying while wasting their time in your “rooms”. Please do the responsible thing, board members, and recognize that when it comes to opiates you are out of your depth. Allow medical professionals to continue to work towards better treatment options. Please. Stop shaming people that seek these options. There will always be a place for you…as a support group. But that’s all you should be claiming to be. A small part of treatment. The support group part.

  6. Steve-O is a wise old man now. People should listen to him he’s speaking from experience

    • He’s 44, which isn’t particularly old. But for that age, I think he looks remarkably good considering what he put his body through. He looks healthier than when he was much younger.

    • +The Tool Fool That’s because he’s sober and isn’t putting toxins into his body anymore. I agree, he looks great.

    • I love how he sounds like the white version of Morgan Freeman, I’d listen to them both all year

  7. Steve-O is such a genuine guy man, I’m so glad he’s been sober for so many years, you can really tell he’s found happiness and contentness in his life. Dudes like my hero haha.

  8. AA has basically been a lifesaver for me. I’m sober 15months and before I quit I was on the road to losing my home, my job and my life. I was in the hospital 2 times for DTs. At first I thought t was culty bullshit but it works. I have had such strong urges to drink multiple times in the last year. Times where I felt betrayed, abandoned, and like the world was not just against me, but as if it just didn’t care about me. Like I didn’t matter. The strongest thing I’ve taken from AA is being accountable. I reminded myself every time “what would those guys who have been sober 20-30+ years think of me for failing?” And then I get all zen and think “remember your training”. It really helps. It’s self reflection at the deepest level. Teaches you to face your demons instead of trying to drown them.

  9. respect to steve for stopping the interviewer at the end their when he said “ya just stop!” nah aint that easy bub

  10. Steve-O, now that’s a cat who turned his life around. Wish he could be Bam’s sponsor.

    • That would be awesome and him and Novak should be bam sponsor bam needs help it’s not easy it’s not fucking easy you got to realize you have a problem you have to hit rock bottom you might hit rock bottom a few times you know I know I’ve been through it and it’s fucking hard

    • +Nosyt yeah, in Alcoholics Anonymous they have sponsors who are now sober/ex alcoholics so they have someone to talk to when they’re feeling the urge to start drinking again. Helps keep them sober.

    • +Will Larkin I know that seems like it makes sense but ya can’t have a friend as a sponsor. Kinda along the same lines as why ya can’t date your sponsor even if there’s an attraction & your alike etc…And yes I’m a recovering alcoholic

  11. Most non-toxic comment section ever. Who could disagree with experience, Steve-O is the man

    • +Guns n Wheels Well he was on all of the things you just mentioned that are ”worse.” Sooo idk what to tell you.

    • Chris Cameron Agreed!!! It’s just because he’s famous and people see him drunk on tv that they think he must be the biggest alcoholic that walks the planet. Those people should visit Poland or Russia. I owned a bar myself for about 8 years and nearly drank myself to death. What started with occasional drinks with customers resulted in a full blown addiction. I drink from morning till nighttime, 7 days a week. And I started the day with three glasses of rum. That was my breakfast. Glad I recovered. But it gave me Horrible anxiety and now I need to taper of benzo’s. Addiction is the story of my life. Luckily I have two beautiful kids who keep me motivated. When in doubt I think of them and that they need a good father ( which I didn’t have) and that gets me back on track every time .

    • You think Steve o was bad look into Brandon Novak’s story. That man was never expected to see 40 and look at him now. He’s over 3 years sober. Bam has good influences around him when he’s ready but he’s just not ready yet. Damn shame. Waste of a good life

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