Julian Assange in Danger of Assassination, Pamela Anderson Fears | TMZ

Julian Assange won't survive extradition to the United States, because he may be a marked man … so fears Pamela Anderson.


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  1. protect assange from the elites that he helped expose to the world. Trump is cleaning house for this exact reason. Prayers for Assange and this great movement. WWG1WGA. remember Bill Cooper

    • John Reagan love how delusional Trumpists are, Assange was extradited on his watch and he’s said he doesn’t know the guy, mr “anti war” Just vetoed a bill to stop The Saudi slaughterfest in Yemen Trump is part of the elite, wake up

    • Perhaps it is you who is delusional, +Morenito Moreno. In case you don’t remember, it was Hillary who wanted to drone Julian and it was Obama’s DOJ leftovers who slipped the indictment in. Correction : Trump didn’t say he didn’t know anything about Assange, in fact he said he heard a few things going on with Julian. What he said was, he didn’t know anything about Wikileaks and that it wasn’t his thing!
      Another correction: Anti War doesn’t mean Pro Terrorism! Do ya get the point? Yemen does rather well with it’s own slaughterfest!!! Fact of the matter is, if Obama hadn’t created his ISIS Army, there would be millions of Mid Easterners still alive today! Instead the innocent suffered massive torture and death at the hands of Obama!

  2. Wait….what is Pam’s relationship to Julian?? :-/ Thats an odd pairing. Just trying to figure out how she knows him personally.

    • She’s his friend or lover. Was seen visiting the embassy back while Julian was living there.

    • David Davidson based on tweets and comments of hers she seems to have taken an interest in politics and global afffairs in the past few years.

    • Fake character who locks himself up in belmarsh? Who else has exposed war crimes?

  3. We’re talking about a journalist who published some documents and we’ll probably never see him alive again

  4. i do believe her truth is dangerous,,,, …..may god bless america and all those who fight for the truth…………..THANK U PAM

  5. Why are people saying she looks “rough”, “bad” etc. She’s 51 and slaying it 🔥🔥🔥 She can’t stay in her 20’s forever…

  6. Chelsea’s mannng who gave the docs to Assange was being tortured in jail for years and she was sent right back did Pamela express any concern about that?

  7. 🙁 Ive just been searching and waiting for update he best be fine 🙁 I would hope our president has him safe! Pam is right! 🙁 Stay on it Pamela get to our President.

  8. I am sure Pam is a nice person but her track record on good judge of character when it comes to men is not great.

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