Juliette Lewis Can’t Stand ‘Weirdo Women’ Falling for Ted Bundy | TMZ

Juliette Lewis isn't down with the notion Ted Bundy was a "sexy" serial killer … and she's weirded out by anyone — especially women — who thinks that.


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    • it’s easy to understand. Humans have been around for around 300,000 years. the industrial revolution happened only 200 years ago. for about 99% of human history, women needed one thing from their man, protection and strength. back in the tribal days, a war party could come and rape or kill a woman and her family, thus a woman’s impetus for a mate is always going to be for strength over anything. even though its not important in modern society, their brains are still hardwired to the cavewomen days, same way a civilized man will go nuts over some big tits, caveman brain still in play. When a man proves he can kill, it taps some sort of primordial instinct in a woman to show, hey, this man is an alpha killer, he can protect me and my offspring, if someone fucks with us, we will be protected.

      of course this is all moot in modern society and clearly it isn’t wise to develop a pair bonding with a serial killer, but it fulfills their cavewoman need to have a brute killer protect them, which is why any serial killer like Ted Bundy or the Boston bomber who have any looks and are killers, are mobbed by women who adore them.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Right, that’s the exact same as finding a guy who raped, tortured, mutilated the bodies of, decapitated and engaged in necrophilia with dozens of innocent women sexy.

  1. I like her but she was in Natural Born Killers in the 90s. Plus that other psycho movie with Brad Pitt

    • Obiora Abiakam Kalifornia. Both great films. But why does it matter what movies she’s been in?

    • lol What the Hell does that mean? You do know that when you see these ppl on TV or in movies that they arent being themselves, right? Hence the job description: “ACTING” lol
      Besides, you just named 2 awesome movies. Iconic movies.

    • +David.For3v3R. It’s a known fact that Hollywood has a MASSIVE influence on the psyche of its consumers….The energy u put out has an effect on certain minds…

  2. She is a Scientologist cult member!! What was she saying about weirdos again?!?! 👀🤣⚰️☠️

  3. Man interesting parallel between her character in natural born killers and the question. Why didn’t this guy press her on that and the psyche of this women and her character. 🤔 wish there was a response to that question!

  4. It’s really only white women of Anglo Saxon decent that fantasize about mass killers. Asians, blacks, Arabs etc don’t have these elicit desires. It’s because conquest and bloodlust are ingrained in European DNA. Women are attracted to men that display abilities of dominance & conquest, which is why they seem to have these fascinating lusts for these men.

  5. Asking Hollywood celebs to comment on social issues is like asking sewer workers for advice on sterilizing an operating room.

  6. Physical appearances have nothing to do with someone’s actions. Unfortunately there are beautiful woman that do horrible things

  7. Watch the movie but don’t like the movie. its disgusting….?! Hollywood hypocrites doing what they do best.

  8. Lol. Those wimmin were victimized as youngins and thus have attraction to psychos. It’s really sad. That’s what’s wrong with them.

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