Jussie Smollett Performs and Says ‘I Couldn’t Let Those Motherf*****s Win’ | TMZ

Jussie Smollett stood tall Saturday night as he made his first public appearance since Tuesday's attack, telling hundreds of fans, "I had to be here tonight. I couldn't let these motherf*****s win."


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  1. How was Jussie able to heal his broken ribs in just 5 days? I guess he is a super human, cuz’ he fought off two attackers pouring bleach & putting a noose on him while he managed to hold his sandwich and make a call to his manager instead of dialing 911. LMAO!

  2. How’d he get beaten by 2 men with no injuries and no black eye. What happened? How did he get away from people trying to hang him? What kind of hanging ends with no visible injuries at all?

  3. BREAKING NEWS!!! An anonymous source has come forward to police with evidence in the form of a note left at the crime scene. It reads as follows:
    “Ok gang, tonight’s the night! Our sources have informed us that Jussie will be at the subway around 2am. Have your nooses ready and make sure to put the bleach in a thermos so it doesn’t freeze cus it’s -25 outside. And don’t forget to wear your robes that have the invisibility function cus there’s cameras everywhere. Now let’s go show that one guy from that one tv show we didn’t know existed what maga country is all about!!
    The Klan

    p.s. try not to damage his face or anything, he’s got a concert to perform this weekend.”

  4. He belongs in jail.Anyone who has broken a rib knows if you tried to move like this a couple days after you would be in so much pain you couldn’t breath.

  5. I can’t even comprehend having so much hate built up inside to do what this man did then get onstage like nothing happened.Some people really are just sick in the head.

  6. According to surveillance footage this guy, after he had been attacked, he walked into his manager’s apartment building past security still carrying his subway sandwich. If you’ve been horrifically attacked, is your first instinct to save your sandwich? why didn’t he go straight to the hospital? Why did he walk past building security? Shouldn’t he inform them he was attacked and there were crazy men outside?

  7. Shame on TMZ for perpetuating this campaign. More lies and hate from the Left has become an everyday occurrence.

  8. Does Hollywood realize we can see them? Not one person outside of that bubble bought this from day 1. Do THEY believe it?!?! You guys need to call a meeting, or have some kind of intervention. Seriously.

  9. Jussie,

    A late night bootycall gone wrong doesn’t give you the right to file a false police report and make it political. Your story doesn’t add up and the people that still believe you are in denial

  10. He’s a dam lie that didn’t happen his boyfriend beat him up. And he blamed it on someone else

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