Justin Bieber — Attacked in Club | TMZ

Justin Bieber was saved from a bottle-smashing bar brawl, thanks to a really cute chick in a German beer wench outfit.

The Biebs was getting escorted through the crowd at HEART nightclub in Munich when he accidentally bumped shoulders with some dude in the crowd … and the blitzkrieg was on!

People in the club tell us the man was trying, but failing, to get JB's attention all night — and once they came face-to-face he decided to lunge at Justin.

Check out the clip — Justin had 2 secret weapons: his biz partner, John Shahidi, shoved the attacker to the ground … and the hot brunette whisked him to safety.

As German battles go, it was kinda Parisian.

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Justin Bieber — Attacked in Club | TMZ


  1. What kind of boring ahh club is this. Wack asf lmao what’s up with the music😂😂 no one even dancing nd it’s packed. Swear I’ve never seen a place packed and boring at the same time

    • Wouldn’t have to. If you looked at the facts you’d realise 90% of Coward Punches are when they’re drunk.

    • George Washington The Aussie Hunter it’s true this has happened, but not everyone person is the same, it’s like calling all Muslims a terrorist just because one extremist blew something up, it’s like calling all black people filthy hood limbs just because there are some that live the gang lifestyle, it’s like calling all Americans crazy just because of the shootings, yes there are people out there that are stupid like these coward punchers who I hate, but you can’t hate a whole country/society on very few peoples reactions, we should spread love not hate into the world, please reply I would love to hear your reaction, much love

  2. I feel bad for celebrities that can’t get one ounce of peace, being constantly shadowed by hounds. That being said that place was packed af, like damn

    • How did Justin take it the wrong way? He didn’t even do anything to the guy or said anything about the guy😭👎💀

  3. Justin was at the wrong club at the wrong time.

    But we all know at what club he should’ve been at

  4. Justin Bieber murdered in club – TMZ.

    Guy tugs on Justin Bieber’s shirt, glass breaks – Real Life

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