Pauly D Is Having Major Communication Problems | Famously Single | E!

Is Pauly D's lack of communication pushing away Aubrey O'Day? See the exchange on "Famously Single".


About Famously Single:
Famously Single features eight single celebrities who have been infamously unlucky in love gathering under one roof to learn how to (finally) pick the right match. Eight celebrities move into a downtown LA loft, where they take part in exercises, therapy sessions and real dates to find the real love they’ve lacked until now.

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Pauly D Is Having Major Communication Problems | Famously Single | E!


  1. Aubrey said she wanted someone who leaps threw dragons and fire to save her in a tower sounds like to me she has the wrong Italian and she should date super mario?

  2. She seems so desperate; its sad because im sure that she can find someome who would love her and treat her right

  3. She’s incredibly annoying. Can’t blame Pauly for trying to avoid talking to her.

  4. I don’t think I like this coupling. Pauly D has always seemed like a really sweet, genuine, hard working guy to me. He was always my favorite on Jersey Shore and he’s silly and seemed to be the most respectful of that cast. You can tell how uncomfortable he is with Aubrey smothering him like this and I don’t blame him….can she not pick up his uncomfortable “back off” vibes? Made me cringe.

    …am I really putting my honest two cents in about a fake relationship on a fake “reality” show?? Are they even still together? When did this air? Was it real? Where am I?

  5. Everyone’s hating on Aubrey, but honestly it’s obvious that Pauly has issues communicating his feelings. Clearly she really likes him, and he claims to actually like her too, but he can’t communicate what his problem is with her so she continues to “cling” cuz he doesn’t tell her that he doesn’t like it.

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