Justin Bieber Deposition — Justin Disses Usher | TMZ

When asked if Usher discovered him, Bieber disses his mentor and says he was actually discovered on YouTube. The best part … he clearly was trying to say he himself was instrumental in his success, but instead he says, "I was detrimental to my own career."
Truer words have never been spoken.


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Justin Bieber Deposition — Justin Disses Usher | TMZ



  1. HAHAHA, he said he was “detrimental” to his career. Dumbass doesn’t know what the difference between instrumental and detrimental.

    • maybe he was trying to point out the face that he indeed was DETRIMENTAL to his own career. 

  2. Lmao did he say he is “detrimental” to his career? Yeah I know he meant to say instrumental but I find it funny how he mistakenly said something that is the truth. 

  3. Justin said he was DETRIMENTAL to his own career, not instrumental. I believe that’s what he meant too. He’s right, unfortunately.

    • Scott Kinmartin The big question is, is Usher a pedophile?? Is that why Bieber now gates him? Bieber was only 11/12 when Usher was his handler…something must’ve been going on….

  4. The point here is : He was there because of his stupid bodyuard, and they were asking about Usher? LoL. I would have been pissed off as well

    • +robbbyyy25 He’s there, I believe, because he instructed one of his bodyguards to attack a photographer and steal his cameras memory card.

    • +griffin0886 sounds like something he would do, if im not mistaken, didnt this occur somehwere in Europe? and wasnt it like a year ago?

    • +robbbyyy25 I think there has been a few incidents. I don’t keep too up to date with this twat comings and goings. I don’t know which one the deposition is about, but it could have happened a year ago, court things take quite a long time. 

    • WHO CARES if Justin Blahber gets privacy…he begs for attention in everything he does & he brings this on himself..MANY celebrities are all but absent in the public eye less film obligations…Also, he’s Canadian..I love Canada & Canadian people & if I moved to Canada & was made rich BY Canada (like Justin in the USA), I’d RESPECT the laws & citizens of Canada…I would NOT stick my nose up at their authorities and act like an immature,ignorant,disrespectful talentless a$$ clown…Nice Role Model folks…If things dont go your way just whine & act spoiled…this kids gotta go….USELESS

    • +ECC Massive he’s saved more lives that you ever will 🙂 i wouldn’t exactly use the word ‘useless’, but okay. 

    • I don’t get why people keep saying he’s saved lives! He’s caused more harm than good! For example, when his fans were cutting themselves because he was smoking weed any decent person could have made a public statement telling them to stop, but no, he didn’t. I’d imagine 90% of well known pop stars would have stopped their own fans from cutting themselves on their behalf but not Beiber, of course not the immature, ignorant, disrespectful clown!
      Don’t even try to tell me it wasn’t his responsibility because it WAS! They did it FOR him, everyone knew about it and he didn’t TRY to stop them!

    • I’m just a 3D Artist and I’VE saved more lives than that useless prick!! By ONE

    • Marie white right he is stressed right now can’t they tell they keep bothering him with stupid questions don’t they see that he is very bothered right now

  5. I’m not a Justin fan but I didn’t hear the dis to Usher and why are they asking him these questions.

    • Usher is the person who JB chose to pretty much manager record him and he said Usher sounds familiar but, doesnt recognize him altho he knows excatly who he is.

    • Roxas Ryuga Justin Bieber has done bad things in the past against the USA laws and then his security pushed somebody or punched and so, it lead up to this. As you can see in the video it says Justin says he doesnt recognize Usher although that’s his producer manager thingie. He said he didn’t remeber him or what ever so, he can keep Usher out of this. The point being TMZ ran out of news.

  6. He didn’t diss Usher. He lied to keep him out of it. Whatever is said in a deposition is admissible as testimony in the court of law. Though his attitude can be irritating, he clearly tried keep Usher out of his problems. I don’t particularly like Justin Bieber, but he did what he had to do.

  7. I’m not pro Justin Bieber but the man asking him questions is just harassing him because these questions have nothing to do with whats going on.

  8. “When asked if Usher discovered him, Bieber disses his mentor and says he was actually discovered on YouTube.”

    TMZ never fail to amuse me with their poor journalism haha, anybody who has ever heard of Justin Bieber knows that Usher discovered him through YouTube…

    • You’re wrong. Usher did NOT find him. Scooter did. He was barely involved with Usher. Usher really only signed him.

    • i agree with bieber in he was instramental in his own career. cause he was found on youtube by usher after he generated millions of views on his own. so he was telling the truth.

      correction discovered by scooter..i was not aware scooter discovered him. my  bad.

    • Sumair792 no scooter Braun discovered Justin on youtube. Usher met up with Justin in his studio to have Justin sing for him.

  9. It needs to be noted that Justin started being very calm and polite during these interviews. After hours of rude harassment, is when he became agitated. This is what has been shown with these videos, hours into the deposition.

    This is an example of selective and sensationalised media to repeatedly damage someone’s reputation. Well done TMZ, doing your job as ‘journalists’. Any small minded person will automatically attack him without fully understanding the situation.

    • +enviiPre Look, if he didn’t break the law…he wouldn’t even being going through this deposition…Probably wouldn’t be in the press as much… He caused this on himself…so…therefore is paying the consequences..

    • So you think trying to resist arrest, drink driving, vandalism is the calm and polite not the fucking idiot he is.You are a clear belieber

    • “Stayed calm”.

      He may not have raised his voice, but everything he said was said in a deliberate attempt to make it as hard as possible on the man interviewing him. Dismissing the incriminating footage and refusing to watch it based on his interpretation on the misuse of the world “film”? Give me a fucking break. Justin was being a twat from the get go, regardless of how “calm” or cocky he was being.

    • scapiia he was never calm bro…He started showing attitude at first only…and I think Biebers attitude only brought Bieber to this deposition…bieber should stop being a gangster or a criminal…no real man should..only bad men will be gangsters …men like Bieber and other gangsters all have criminal minds…This is why I hate Bieber but he is hot asf tho

  10. He didnt diss anyone, I dont blame him for not saying anything since it would just be used against him. Good work Justin.

  11. He clearly doesn’t want to mention usher because that to would bring down usher a little bit sense bieiber himself is in trouble..so basically he doesn’t want to bring down usher with him

  12. Later on in this deposition he even talked good about usher. don’t believe everything you hear. justin was just high.

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