Kaepernick Nike Ad Causes Social Media Mayhem | Behind the Bar

Colin Kaepernick's Nike advertisement took over social media and even had an impact on the stock market? The TMZ lawyers break down the news that circulated Colin Kaepernick's name over the past few days!


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  1. Everyone should stand up for what they believe in
    Nike are smart when it comes to advertises

  2. THE DUMBASS would’ve been better off giving the shoe’s to HOMELESS or ppl IN NEED…
    😊 (just my opinion, no hate ffs)

    • Don’t fix the problem citizens should just leave? Fuk outta here trailer btw Im a Navy Vet lol

    • just because people want to leave doesn’t mean they can. It costs money to leave, you have to take into account how long it takes to find a job then you have to calculate how much you need to save because you can’t work and move to another country at the same time. Then you have to arrange for all your items to be placed in your new home and get your bills shipped to a new address and get your license information changed and all this other non sense. People are allowed to hate America but it doesn’t mean that they can just up and leave as they please.

    • +Moon Door If you have a broken sink in your home do you automatically leave your home ? No you fix it.

    • “Patriotism is supporting your country all the
      time, and your government when it *deserves* it.”
      -Mark Twain

    • Kody Blazer so passionate. Lol so do I not work for Nike or do I ? Because you’ve claimed both and yes I do sit behind a desk and I do it pretty well was any of this supposed to insult me I’m
      Just saying it like is your so insulted your going out of your way to tell me off. Your a very cool guy and yes ads will stop showing up

    • wesley russell so one vet speaks for all ??? There are vets that love this country and vets they hate this country…and no I haven’t gave millions but every celebrity and athlete has to avoid taxes

  3. Nike is using kap for marketing !!!!!! They know what they doing … only fools will be dumb enough not to understand what they doing

    • Lroy Johnson in all honesty they don’t need too. Been doing great for decades without him they are a household name

    • Real Canna Reviews Real Canna Reviews the issue i have is why didnt they back up kap 2yrs ago ??? All honesty i understand both sides but just never understand why all of sudden nike decided to do this now … for their 30th ….. if nike care so much about issues like this why dont they care about child labor who makes nike …. jus doesnt make sense

    • +Lroy Johnson why doesn’t Donald Trump and Ivanka factories in China he admitted that
      Colin has been under contract on the downlow

  4. Ok people, lets look at this once again. Colin Kapernick took a knee because of injustices, he sat down at first then a military veteran told him to take a knee and he did with no argument. It was a peaceful protest because of what the flag is supposed to stand for which it has never done since it’s existence especially when race is involved and if you don’t believe that then look how people are reacting. Our military is not really ours, it’s the government’s. Therefore the government controls the military not the people. The respect comes from the people more than the government so what does that tell you especially when Kapernick respectively considered the veterans suggestion. I guess people are ok with injustices of course only when it doesn’t happen to them. Honestly everyone who believes in our country, believes in the flag should be supportive to Kapernick but unfortunately they do not and it shows what people really want or think about this country, our rights, the constitution, bill of rights. Obviously none of that matters and they are going against everything this country is supposed to stand for, that seems very stupid and this is not an opinion it is a fact. The truth is evaded and lies our accepted. Makes no sense at all.

  5. Can I have anyone’s unwanted Nike’s at this rate I won’t need shoes for years size 11s please

  6. Hes viewing the flag as social injustice. Others are viewing it as a Nation that recently moved an excellent statement that progress is being made with a black president that was quite admired.

  7. You have to ask yourself why a foriegn owned company would leap on promoting an attitude discontent with America regardless of the progress we have made.

  8. Some people are so ignorant,let me buy the stock they want to sell. Also the uneducated people who are destroying their(Nike) merchandise,Nike don’t care about your impulsive behavior or your prerogative at the time. Worry ’bout yourself /get your “own ” Life!!!

  9. As a proud conservative, I’m so sick of ppl hating on this man! It’s a peaceful protest. We are the party of the Constitution, we should welcome his right to do this

  10. Nike stock is at an all time high
    83.49 USD +0.030 (0.036%)
    this will continue to climb. This is one of the best decisions they have ever made.

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