Kanye West Clarifies ‘Abolish’ 13th Amendment Remark | TMZ

Kanye West says he used the wrong word when he said he wanted to "abolish" the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, and added … there's a better way to change our Constitution.


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  1. Kanye seems like he is learning a lot of new things and has about a 20% understanding of all of them.

  2. How is it possible to disagree with anything that was said in this interview?
    Kanye West In summary:
    1) We need to amend the 13th amendment because privately owned prisons are lawfully enslaving criminals and outsourcing them as contractors for 8 cents or less per week.
    2) We need a group of super-intelligent people from all backgrounds to make amendments to our constitution that way the people representing us actually look like the people that the constitution is written for.
    How is there anything wrong with these points?

    • Why on Earth would we have a group of people selected (you didn’t clarify if they were even elected or not) to make amendments because of factors like race? That’s inherently racist. People who make amendments should be elected representatives (proposed by 2/3 majority vote in congress or 2/3 of the state governments, and then ratified by 3/4 state legislatures or conventions).

    • It is VERY easy to disagree with what he said in the interview – if you are BRAINWASHED like about 75% of the USA.

    • JJ GOOD You should realize that there is a majority of people who are being categorized as criminals and are wrongfully convited to serve time in prison. The government has created a system where low income families are put into situations that make them fall in to drugs, that make them steal food for their families.

  3. His hart is in the right place and thats what matters the most. He’s just not good at wording it. Keep researching and doing what you believe is right Kanye.

  4. I feel like Kanye just says what he’s thinking at the top of his head a lot and it comes out wrong and he isn’t given much time to really explain himself. But having him sit down in a more calm situation and hearing him speak, he actually is making a lot of sense. I think he just says a lot of things that can be taken out of context.


    • Problem is alot black people are trying to tear him down. Hoping for the old kanye. He’s trying to lead our people out of the old mentality. One where the first thing people define you as isn’t your skin color.

    • he always makes sense… people are just crazy, and trendy , and ovetrreating, and not using their minds, exept for trying to sound intelligent for shock value. when Kanye indeed is right 95 % of time

  5. His brain is overloaded with ideas and he can’t convert the ideas into proper words

    • +Jerome Greene I get where u coming from but it was all a bit toooooooo “intellectual” for me!😅

    • sorry for being smarmy, don’t u think sometimes we waste a lot of time n energy just watching these shitty pointless vids… then we sit here trying to explain someone we don’t know to someone we don’t know!

      Look at us!😩

    • Yea just yet but he’s learning and is an awesome activist that’s using his voice and will soon make a major change

  6. “Involuntary servitude and slavery it prohibits that’s why they’re giving drug offenders time in double digits” -killer mike ‘regan’

  7. This isn’t just some new idea from Kanye. He wrote a song called “New Slaves,” which was five years ago. The lyrics were specifically about private prisons.

  8. Kanye may be speaking facts but he needs to get his words together before he opens his mouth, words do have power and can also be dangerous.

    • +Arthur Brown The UNCANNY KODIAK I get where you are coming from but he still needs to be more careful with how he uses his words. Abolish and amend are two different things and can cause a lot of headache and heartache. It’s the same when he said, slavery was a choice and you have crazy people who listened to that and believed it. Words carry power. And as far as me believing he is sincere, is not my call.

    • Ms. Lady Virgo I agree. The “slavery was a choice” misspeak definitely made me close my ears to him for a minute. However, yay starts riffing and maybe we shouldn’t give ALL words power but focus on actions as a whole. He’s trying to use his stardom to do something bigger and more meaningful.

    • And HES TRYING … Kind of a trip how even in this convo he was stopping himself a good amount to make sure he got his reasoning and his message out correctly

    • Kim Kardashian west will end up divorcing Kanye n that’s when Kanye is going to loooooooooose it completely. Watch what I tell u folks

  9. I dont, nor hsve I ever thought that Kanye is stupid or crazy.
    The only problem with Kanye is two-fold
    1) He speaks in emotional terms so it sounds like its an incomplete thought even when it isnt (which he always has to clarify on another occassion).
    2) His vocabulary occassionally lets him down.
    Ill add a third:
    3) 1 and 2 alway happen while hes tries to talk about a pretty heavy subject.

    • I agree, people often think that we he says is stupid or crazy, but after he clarifies it or people think about what he’s saying more deeply what he says is mostly true

  10. When he speaks thoughtfully here I understand his point. But what I find confusing is that he believes aligning himself with Trump the divider in chief, will change anything.

  11. I like that Harvey is always trying to let Kanye explain himself when he gets taken out of context

    • Harvey is a classic Hollywood jew who promotes his agenda with TMZ. Very typical. Sorry but it’s true

    • Nobody took him out of context, he said abolish the 13th, which would allow slavery. He says he said that. He also says he misspoke. Which is fine, he meant get rid of the allowance for enslaving prisoners, which most liberals agree with. Kanye gets called out because he’s enamoured of a man that heads a party with inherently racist beliefs, and absolutely does not agree with amending the 13th amendment. Nor do I think they’d want to abolish it, but Trump is now trying to get rid of birthright citizenship, entirely skirting round the spirit and meaning of the 14th amendment of the Constitution, a document his party pretends to love when it suits them, and tries to eradicate the parts that don’t.

    • Kanye has the money and social capital to put his ideas in motion, but still expects some one else to do it

  12. Kanye may actually be a marketing genius. Once he puts on a MAGA hat, the Trumpers will listen to whatever he has to say. And it turns out that his message is exactly what black activists have been saying for years.

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