Kanye West Discovers the Next Big Rapper On the Street! Feat. Justin Bieber | TMZ

Kanye West may have changed the life of a random dude who did an impromptu street audition and clearly impressed both Kanye and his tag-along buddy, Justin Bieber. Click 'SHOW MORE' for related content….

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Kanye West Discovers the Next Big Rapper On the Street! Feat. Justin Bieber | TMZ


  1. People going to hate but, ya gotta give the dude props for going after his dream and doin whatever it takes to make it happen. Whether or not he’s got the talent, least he is putting it all out there and not quitting.

  2. man.. makes me cringe seeing an opportunity like this be squandered on someone who isnt even good

    • You mean like all the wasted time spent on so called artists like Migo’s, Cardi B and the rest of these no talent rappers nowadays?

    • mag1ngarr0w Kanye today be hitting these new wave rappers for collabs. Crazy to think just 3 years ago it was the opposite

    • mag1ngarr0w Bro listen to you go off but you have nothing to fucking show for it hahahha, never been in that situation but you still know how it would turn out? Shut your dumbass mouth.

    • +Bear Yeezy That should make you rap better not worst plus he was waiting for that to spit that garbage ………

    • those bars were terrible, i know rappers who can do better in sleep, the dude has ambition tho, ive met kanye at a meet and greet he isnt tht nerve wrecking to talk too

  3. Wait was that bieber in the background saying “more bars” wtf? Bieber a rap artist now?!?

  4. dude actually had a chance when kanye asked for a written.. too bad he sucked and wasn’t prepared.. and this is not a new side of kanye.. he has always been nice to fans.. he just hated tmz and papz

    • HipHop Talk
      3 years later. I haven’t heard anything from him. Have you. I am asking with respect.

  5. “Don’t act like a fan, you wanna get signed, get the whitest A&R you can find & rap as whack as you can” – Eminem

  6. okay imagine freestyling…..
    now imagine freestylin in front of a multi grammy winning rapper who is internationally known for his music for a chance in you achieving your life long dream.
    in that situation, he did a decent job so yall stfu.

  7. Kanye side media leaves out a lot. He got heart, he knows the struggle is real. He lived, dreamed it, then achieved. BARS!!

  8. isn’t that exactly how Big Sean got his deal thru Jay-Z waiting for him outside the club…. smart white boy lol

  9. “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”-Eminem And that kid blew it in front of Kanye with the weakest lines you ever heard. At least if you get that moment you better blow the man away with the hardest bars you ever spitted. You can’t Kanye was being nice he was like this kid sucks at freestyles so maybe he’s better with something he previously written and he flopped it. knowing this kid has got no shot he entertains the kid for a bit but not actually shooting him down (because anyone can improve) So that when the next if ever again they meet he’ll hopefully improve and show Kanye something ill. But until then you can scratch him off the list smh

  10. Y’all are missing the point, kanye wouldn’t even have listened to this guy if he didn’t have the ambition but he was motivated and that’s what caught kanyes eye. And his bars have potential he just needs to learn

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