Neil deGrasse Tyson Defends Elon Musk Smoking Weed with Joe Rogan

Neil deGrasse Tyson sees nothin' wrong with a little puff and high emitting from Elon Musk, 'cause he says the guy is this generation's Thomas Edison.


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  1. Not a fan of TMZ. I think they are part of the dumbing down of America. But I am glad to see important people like Dr. Tyson defending Elon Musk.

    • Its not about smoking weed. Elon Musk fired a woman for testing positive for THC. The problem is the hypocracy of the firing, not smoking weed.

    • +Space Munky: You’re getting upset that he mentioned Edison rather than Tesla, while he’s talking about a person who has a company named after Tesla. Surely especially after considering the relationship between Tesla and Edison, and Edison is (at least from what I’ve seen) more talked about than Tesla, at least to me it seems more of a witty comment more than ignorance or anything else…

    • +Rompelstaump: Are there any details to that? Unless she was tested during her time off and he personally decided to fire her then, I wouldn’t be quick to call hypocrisy, just as while drinking alcohol is fine it isn’t a good idea to turn up to work drunk. (I don’t know anything about that situation so you may be right though)

    • fetchstix™ he’s more talked about because people still believe his lies. Edison was a con man who stole his ideas and I have no idea what kind of point you’re trying to make.

    • meh, thats an arguable point, i think stupid people just gravitates towards it… theres an audience for everything

  2. What i think is that nobody really “hates”, or even cares about Elon smoking. It’s just artificially hyped by these news and media companies.

    • VERSATILE smart people drink more alcohol than dumb ones. Unless all you do is party. If you think using drugs automatically makes you stupid you might be stupid yourself. Like any enjoyable thing there’s something called a limit.

  3. Demi drugvado over doses(her choice)
    Awwww is she ok?? Omg poor thing…

    Here elon just mouth breaths a lil bit of weed

    • Ted Pound he didn’t do crack on the stream. he smoked something legal. every ceo probably including elon do coke to get over their 100 hours week and everybody knows it, so what kind of responsibility are we taking about here. society is disgustingly false and what he did showed it once again.

    • Blake people don’t like the fact that his employees are drug tested but he’s smoking weed

    • +Dirtbag in distress isnt that normal? And I bet they dont test them randomly bcz its a quite expensive test to do without reason (you either injured yourself at work and they may test you for THC and alcool, or in case you are showing signs of being high at work) at least here in Portugal is how it goes…and I’m not even building rockets or 100k $ cars 😂😂😂 also, Musk didnt smoked, just gave a fake puff not even inhaled into is lungs that wouldnt do anything. Also, he wasn’t working, so whats the big deal? 🤔

  4. Isn’t Elon musk a smart man with a god complex so let him do what he wants he’s probably smarter than most the people who diss him

  5. 0:41
    He is the best thing we’ve had since *Thomas Edison*

    Elon (who named his cars after NIkola Tesla):
    *wHaT dId YoU SaY?*

  6. People are stupid yeah get mad fir him smoking weed which isnt effecting his health but the drinking is just fine right.. Kidney problems brsin cells reduction related to a lot of car death but weed has never killed anybody

  7. I’m gonna ignore Neil and try to win the lottery so I can get high in space

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