Kanye West Stirs Up TMZ Newsroom Over Trump, Slavery, Free Thought | TMZ

Kanye West just told the TMZ newsroom why he believes slavery is a choice and why he decided to sport his "Make America Great Again" hat … and it all went down Tuesday morning on "TMZ Live."


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    • +Victor CaliVic no he messed with illuminati , maybe they cloned him , tahst why he is scared to death and went to trump for help. hopefully trump isnt illuminati either. bilderberg gruop satanic pedo hollywood , vati latin for father , canis latin for dog , dogfather , or godfather if you want to know who they truely are.

    • I actually understood some of things he said, his perspectives, but then it took a turn. Not that I agree or anything necessarily. His whole slavery is a choice, I interpret that as ‘a choice to keep thinking about it’. ‘thinking free’ – Basically saying we are sheep. Lol. Keep in mind, I could be completely wrong. Haha.

    • You probably got to read between the lines, here: artists can be cryptical as you want, but it’s your problem to seek meanings of what they say, not their problem to set things straight, because they’re artists, and their job is to have people interpreting their work.

      Not being an artist myself, I’d rather quote an artist, by saying: “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”… that’s probably what Kanye meant, here, at least I hope so.
      I don’t think he meant that, people who were ripped off their homeland, enjoyed the trip overseas, or so. I hope not.

  1. That other dude earned my respect .. Spoke to him like he should be spoken to

    • Kayne just said being obsessed with the past and never attempting to get over slavery and holding on to resentment/hate is a choice. The man is talking about the mindset of slavery. He didn’t say slaves had a choice to be slaves in a historical context. Obviously! People just want to find something to hate and complain about. Respect Kayne for risking his career to unite the people! Shame on you race obsessed losers. He even clarified it afterwards on his account for gods sake


    • +murderous one Don’t know if you were talking to me to stfu and stop joking but if you were that’s not necessary brother or sister we can agree to disagree without disrespect I realise this is a serious matter but lightning the mood is ok too peace to you

  2. Van really has balls to say all that to Kanye’s face . I applaud him because a lot of people Couldn’t do that

    • Alliesvlogs_xoxo Kanye’s message is that we are all below and he is trying to change that. He speaks truth for you. For the future. That you can make it, and we can be free if we choose to.

    • VAn just didn’t get Kanyes point. Kanye is much too intelligent for VAn

    • Couldn’t do what?? Stick up for the same system that has him brainwashed?? lol people are so lost it’s incredible. Just because he sounded slightly intelligent means nothing & truthfully it’s easier to bash Kanye than to let your nuts hang and possibly get fired from his job or worst & get the MK ULTRA Special

    • Nora Peace I’m on Kanye’s side not that one guy but he needs props for at least being respectful about the situation because now everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that’s just a

    • Ovira Rk
      He is actually thinking smart and waking up people, and some are still confused, that’s why they don’t get it, think he’s not thinking.

    • Ruthusmusic I don’t judge anyone but if you say 400 years of slavery was a choice then you’re really not thinking anything

    • Ovira Rk
      He was talking about 400 years ago, he’s talking about the mindset. People don’t get his point, but will, eventually. People are waking up.

  3. I’m proud of that guy that took a stand and told Kanye straight.

    • Told kanye straight????? You sound like a white slave owner getting your head slave in charge to discipline another slave

    • Stephan Bitterwolf Give that dude a medal and a raise. The peoples hero!!

    • Stephan Bitterwolf he didn’t stand up for anything but maintaining the status quo in favor of the Hegelian dialectic

    • Stephan Bitterwolf it took guts for kanye to voice his. You don’t have to be black and support the dnc.

    • why because he said “I’m Hurt” what an emotional arugment

  4. I think Kanye is right, get off the plantation and open your mind. Good job speaking out against the enslaved morons! 🇺🇸

  5. He is clearly talking about mind-slavery:
    Some Kanye West quotes from the FULL INTERVIEW (not the extended… the FULL):
    “We’ve been controled by the media ”
    “We are following other people’s opinions ”
    ” Yeah, right now we’re choosing to be enslaved”
    ” By that you’re choosing to enslave people’s minds ”

    400years of MIND-SLAVERY – Pretty self-explanatory. But you just read titles and watch short cuts thus proving 100% the media control on people that Kanye was speaking about

    • +CASTRO45ACP Folly, mischief and revelings isn’t self enslavement. Those things are choices. The cruelty and wickedness of Chattel Slavery wasn’t.

    • He’s talkin literal and metaphorical at the same time. But if you have some spare time, look up the Maroons of the West Indies and you will see a lot of people that proves, slavery was a “choice”. A quick rundown of it, the African runaway slaves caused so much trouble for the Europeans, that they made treaties with them traded with them, and didn’t enslave their populations. Because their will and their “choice” to be free, was so strong Europeans back down. The island of Jamaica is one example, the island of Haiti is another example. Slavery was a choice on both sides for the slave owner and for the slave

    • JCarlosFFAF no hes not he was clearly talking about the 400 years our ppl got how did u miss that

  6. Me throughout the whole video whenever Kanye speaks :🤨🤨🤨😑😑😑🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • KYLE TALKS ABOUT STUFF it’s called “opinion” bud. Search it up the dictionary.

    • Slavery still exists in the US prison system. The police target black people and black people make up 75% of prisoners. Black people are given harsher stentences then other nationalities. In prison, prisoners are forced to do labor. Laying railroad tracks, making licence plates, cleaning highways. They are paid less then the sweatshops in China. This is what you call systemic racism. Slavery still exists for black people in USA today.

  7. I see what Kanye is saying – he’s just not getting saying it appropriately. He’s asking, ‘How could blacks have been enslaved for so long without rising up and being free? If they really wanted to be free, they wouldn’t have been slaves for 400 years.’ The thing is, there were many slave rebellions. But when it’s a systemic issue against a society who is armed and organized against you, then the “choice” of slavery isn’t a choice at all.

    • I don’t think what he’s saying is necessarily controversial. It only is if you’re unable to understand a nuanced opinion. I just think he expressed himself insufficiently. There were slave rebellion, but perhaps given the magnitude of the cruelty, why were they not more frequent? Part of enslaving a whole group of people is to purposefully keep them docile, illiterate, and ignorant. It’s a lot harder to make a slave out of someone who’s been free than to keep a slave who was born into that system. Some slaves developed Stockholm syndrome and readily accepted their lives even when free because that’s the only life they knew. Certainly the system is designed to push slaves into being slaves. There was no other opportunity out there for them! When slaveholders design slavery to be the most familiar and attractive option, there are going to be slaves who would choose it. The literature on this is quite clear. On the Trump note, I think Kanye doesn’t like being told what to think and instinctively looks for the contrarian option. That is certainly an aspect of why he’s supportive of Trump.

  8. He said slavery sounds like a choice,not was a choice.There’s a real difference between what he said and what the majority are saying that he said.If i say what i really think about what he said personally,the majority of my race would probably Hari Kari,but i digress.

  9. I think that he’s tryna give us a hidden message to tell mainly the black people that there still inslaved by social media etc.


  10. I can’t believe someone is really supporting this guy
    Do you know whats like to be thrown into the sea just because the ship was to heavy too carry their raw materials

  11. “What time you clocking in”
    “Imma be a slave at 6 so I can take the cotton shift what about you”
    “Imma do the 7:30 shift so I can get the food benefits”

  12. What Kanye is saying is equivocal for some. It’s easy to miss interpret what he is trying to convey. He really has to work on his communication instead of going on a frenzy. Kudos for standing his ground though.

    For instance when he is saying slaves chose to be slaves it is not meant condescending but empowering. He is trying to say they had the power to brake free and they did. Just like it’s in the afrikan Americans own hands to rise up in America. Instead of taking the role of victims he wants them to band together and stop killing eachother.
    I understand it’s a sensitive issue and easy to missunderstand what he is saying from an African American perspective as they have to deal with discrimination on a daily basis. But instead of interpret ting him from out of that context try and understand him in the context of his narrative.

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