Kevin O’Leary Says Tekashi69’s Gotta Do the Time, But ‘Dummy Boy’ is a Silver Lining

Tekashi69 climbing to the top of the charts doesn't make him immune to the harsh reality — if ya do the crime, ya gotta do the time … so says Kevin O'Leary.


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  1. I like Kevin..he knows about the stock market, Real-estate properties, and rappers..interesting

  2. U know how influential this kid is if serious business men know about him and appreciate his style of art. Hope he beat this case he has lot of potential, successful people always have haters.

    • +That Guy he didn’t molest a child. She was 16, he was 18. In the video, he wasn’t touching her and he wasn’t near her. Plus, how would he know if she wasn’t 18 or not? Nobody ask for I.D. you’re calling someone a molester, who isn’t one. The girl herself literally said 69 didn’t do anything to her, and that it was the others who she touched and did something to. 69 just happened to be there. 69 is completely innocent in that case. R. Kelly he got off because he was lied to too, but the difference is that R. Kelly actually did something to the girl. 69 did nothing. You must ask every person for I.D. before you talk to them. Because these girls in high school look like grown women, and even dress like them. There’s many females in their 20s that don’t look like 20.

    • Lol u act like businessmen don’t have phones or watch the news. I can bet he also heard about the targeted robberies in his area, the California wildfire, And the forecast for the following week.

    • +Killah V The Feds wanted to bring 69 in and let him become a protected witness. Doing so would have probably made him the most famous rapper too be flipped. Considering his gang wanted to kill him makes you wonder how things could be different.

    • PLEASE! He doesn’t! That’s all FAKE AF! Clearly he does not follow Hip Hop, he’s attempting to be relevant with a generation he know’s ABSOLUTELY not one thing about, and does not care too! SMH

    • LEAVE u FUBAR Sorry 69 is hip hop. You clearly don’t know the definition of hip hop. That’s why there’s different flavours in hip hop and there isn’t just one type of sound like rock music

  3. 6ix9ine in jail be like: the food is bad, i don’t believe this system is gonna work, and for that reason.. i’m out

  4. My guy Mr. Wonderful! My favorite line of his is “they’ll crush you like the cockroach you are”.


    • +paul crottie what’s funny is the ‘cochroaches’ he spoke about are very successful

    • +tonyflipshouses depends on how you measure success… If you mean having money in the bank but can’t spend a penny because your busy serving life then ya hes super successful lol

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