Khloe Kardashian … The Fashion Critic? | TMZ

Khloe Kardashian was not impressed by any of the Red Carpet Fashion at this year's Academy Awards, and even disses Anna Kendrick while on E!

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Khloe Kardashian … The Fashion Critic? | TMZ


  1. Um yeah Khloe has a fashion line, she’s owned womens boutiques even before she was famous and has always been in to fashion. So I think she’s a perfect person to judge, she’s had more than 10 years of experience. You guys should do your research better before you just go assuming something…

    • Honestly, coming from a bag of ruffles. An empty one I may add. Khloe had no right to bash on Anna Kendrick, because she looked fucking good while khloe looked like a fucking mess with a dress that added 10 pounds to her already obese frame

    • ok…… khloe expert.. nobody cares and don’t you just hate people who thumbs up their own comment lmao XD desperate much?

    • Sorry have you seen how the Kardashian’s use to dress before Kanye dusted them off and teamed them up with real designers. She has no right to judge.

  2. Lol, you guys are pushing skinny cow, mean while Khloe has a billion dollar clothing line. -_- I think she has room to judge people’s fashion.

    • Billion? Lol they aren’t worth a billion put together..I mean what’s a “billion”dollar clothing line doing at Sears which the person said above is always on the clearance

  3. Ughh Anna looked gorgeous and then there’s Khloe who looks like she has a towel wrapped around her.

  4. Finally someone said what I thought! From all the possibities you are gonna have a KARDASHIAN do this job?

    • +Ally Vee Actually Kim herself pays me 1.5 million per comment I make defending her and her family. lol….You couldn’t comment on what I said because you know it’s true. All of you people hate them for the wrong reasons and its so annoying. Someone needs to stick up for them because everyone else seems to hate them so much and they aren’t even bad people. Yet the same individuals support celebs with criminal records like Chris Brown and hundreds of others…give them a break, they really aren’t that bad.

    • +Imani Barbie I know for a fact that statement you just said about Kim K isn’t true. You would have to sign a contract saying you wouldn’t go around telling people she is paying to say good things about her family. Come on….She is smart enough to pay someone so dumb that they would go around saying that.

    • +Kim Stephens Did you really think I was serious? Sorry if I didn’t make it clear but that was a joke I meant to put “jk” at the end instead of “lol”. Obviously she doesn’t pay me I was just being sarcastic

  5. If someone wants to wear something, whatever it may be, and they feel good in it, then nobody should say anything about it. I honestly don’t know why we are so fixated on what others wear. It is literally all based on opinion, that’s it.

    • No it is more than an opinion.  Like Rihanna and Miley show up for a serious charity event dressed as if going on stage for one of their lip syncs. 
      Jasmine it is called entertainment.  The one on the right looks like a bone rack.

  6. All these people agreeing with Khloe (when she commented on colour) meanwhile…

    😒Look at Khloé 😶

    If Anna, who has a clear career without question, doesn’t look good at some level then K’s (whose claim and title switches around) is in a corduroy sack with rough hair

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