Killer Mike On Why Hillary Clinton’s Gonna Owe the Black Community | TMZ

NOBODY breaks it down like Killer Mike when it comes to politics, and school was in session when he ran into our photog at LAX on election day.

The Atlanta MC and political acitivst was explaining why he's been imploring African-American voters to "stay home" if Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party don't deliver on their promises. The concept seemed counterproductive to our guy — and that's when Mike started teaching.

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Killer Mike On Why Hillary Clinton's Gonna Owe the Black Community | TMZ


  1. Killer Mike has supported Bernie from the beginning, he is completely and absolutely right.

  2. be look like thug but talks so articulate so white people are so suprised at his knowledge

  3. LOL ausies think people don’t know that they are a country founded on kkk mentality leadership

    • ckzckw thanks for pointing that out about my countries past. still you americans hold the cake. don’t need to go into detail lol. lol

    • I’m gonna need you to chill. Stop acting like people can’t google the Granola Riots or the fact that y’all JUST stopped sterilizing Aborigines in the 70s. lol… acting like we don’t know who Pauline Hanson is and how y’all just voted that racist woman into your Senate. Australia and US are just two corners of one imperialistic blanket. Like two assholes riding in the same car arguing about who’s gonna get some place first.

  4. TI and Killer Mike are becoming and continue to be outstanding well spoken, informed role models as entertainers. I salute my brothers!

  5. *THIS*

    is absolutely correct. if Democrats wanna win, they gotta take care of ALL the people they represent. You gotta make the pot sweeter for us if you want us to vote for you.

    Otherwise we won’t vote for you, our votes may go elsewhere (like to the Green party for example), or the other side will galvanize to out number you.

    So Democrats go ahead a cry in your corner for a little while. When you’re done with your emotional venting get back to us and the rest of your supporters to make sure that *EVERYONE* WANTS to support you 100%

    take care. and good luck to you guys in the next election.

  6. The interviewer couldn’t understand the difference btwn threatening to stay home and actually staying home. The former gets a candidate’s attention and, hopefully, moves them to grant certain demands. But he was in no way advocating for the latter. Had he been doing so, he wouldn’t have voted for Jill Stein. Clearly, he takes voting seriously and was strategic in his choice of candidates. Stein didn’t have a chance in hell of winning, but had she gotten 5% of the vote, the Green Party could have gotten matching federal campaign funds, possibly included on ALL 2020 election ballots and been included in 2020 debates. Ppl have often said that voting for a third-party candidate is akin to not voting at all, but this simply isn’t true. Historically, third-party candidates have helped move political agendas from the fringe to mainstream just by the number of supporters each has. This has been true for everything from abolishing slavery to the women’s right to vote and similar movements. All were started by third-parties who couldn’t win on their own, but got conversations started and caused people to push them into the mainstream.

    • jacque strappe like ralph nader said BLM should start their own party. they dont neccessarily need to join green.

  7. How arrogant of this man to pretend to know what’s best for Black Americans. Especially since he is not Black or American.

    • Groundhog X. ? You must be white Lol where have you been for all the black problems blacks HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING where’s the STAND TOGETHER at?

    • Exactly , President Trump knows what is better … that is why the black unemployment rate is the lowest in over 50 years .. President Trump is telling black people .. YOU ARE BETTER THAN WELFARE .. HE IS GIVING THEM THEIR PRIDE BACK . BECAUSE THERE IS NO PRIDE IN GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS . WELFARE IS FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE .. THEY ARE NOW GETTING THAT OTHER CHOICE WITH MORE JOBS. YOU’RE WELCOME. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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