John Cena to Nikki Bella: “I Will Give You a Child” | Total Bellas | E!

The WWE Superstar drops a bombshell on Nikki when he agrees to become a father, so as not to lose the love of his life. See the big moment on "Total Bellas".

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John Cena to Nikki Bella: "I Will Give You a Child" | Total Bellas | E!


  1. It should not be seen as a *sacrifice.* The fact he STILL sees it as something he is sacrificing, is a major red flag to me.

    • lucyk310 It is a sacrifice due to the fact John’s a busy man and signing child papers will affect his career.

    • becca williams so selfish? Having a kid in your life is a huge responsibility and it changes your life John has to be careful with his words.This man has spent so much on this girl and your calling him selfish yeah ok

    • I am glad for Nikki the relationship has ended, it just is not healthy what they had together. One sided all the way. I think John needs to date a woman that already has kids or doesn’t want any. He can’t always have his cake and eat it.

    • +Juwan Hammock I hear what your saying. I don’t believe him to be a bad person, just one that needs to learn the art of fairness and compromising in relationships.

      I think he will be on his own until he can fully give himself in a relationship to anyone. Nikki not so much, she may be spoilt but has a good heart . If they end up back together I hope there are no more John rules! Everything with him had a condition attached to it. Who wants to be with someone like that, that responds to different situations like that. Too militarily in attitude, it shows very strongly.

      I get with kids they in reality are on different pages, but the whole relationship was flawed because it was too one sided.

  2. As a father or a mother you must be 100% committed to having and loving a child. It’s not fair on the child.

    • +Pinay Princesa let’s just hope Cena doesn’t pull the murder suicide Sarcasm

    • There’s a lot of people who get pregnant on accident and they don’t regret it and the fathers love the child more then he loves his self but THEY DIDNT want a child but they regret saying that because haveing a child changes you you have more people to take care of and care for and love and also seeing them grow up getting their dreams fulfilled

    • lmfao. no he deadass just laid a major clue out to her. if he ever has kids with her is aiming for a boy he don’t want a girl and he making sure she knows that, if they have a girl it’s gonna be all her responsibility believe that.

  3. Never saw this show before but from watching this short clip I can tell they’re not a good match. She wants a kid to “keep things exciting”… wtf and John doesn’t want kids but he’ll “sacrifice” for her…. again wtf! Both of them shouldn’t be able to make babies or have babies, totally not ready. Just my opinion though😋

    • Dale Munson but look at most wrestlers who have kids and still wrestle to me I feel as if they gave their kids up as a sacrifice and their careers. Family is more important. But it does t matter anyways wwe works them way too hard and they on the road 300 days a year entertaining people it almost like a regular job but you traveling and you’re not able to see your kids most of the time. That kinda sucks.

    • Dale Munson also when you say sacrifice it’s almost as if John has to give up his career just so he can start a family with Nikki. Like other wrestlers who has kids I don’t think he wants to be on the road and then having to think about his child back home it’s as if he wants to be in the child’s life everyday. Which means he has two option family or career. He chose career which is why Nikki and John are no longer together.

  4. GIRL….he just said having a child would be a sacrifice? Whet…..this man is so technical. His choice of words are extremely important. She needs to trust her instincts bc they are screaming right now and she knows it. Lol

    • Joy Ene but still I think there a cute couple and that they should follow there dreams

    • Zechariah Cameron omg stop johns love Nikki and he wants her to be happy and yea and he said he give her a child let them follow there dreams it’s there life not yours

    • 60wwediva no stop it not just all about the money Nikki loves john and john real look after the baby to you souls them them be happy and let them follow there dreams so stop the hate on thrm

    • Ideals are not same between them. But they’re so in love.I know it’s hard to keep this up but some sacrifices are worth it… Nikki loved him that shows in previous videos…but his dumb mechanical rules and bunch of ideologies were the main reasons to strain up the relationship to this point… maybe Nikki has got issues too..but when a technical speaking person comes across a natural thing..that can create distance…John has love in heart..but some kind of bitterness that should be healed at first to create a happy marriage life.

    • KayNaturals Having a kid is a sacrifice. It’s a million sacrifices every day. Especially, with their careers.

  5. People commenting without kids need to understand something, I guarantee that not all of your parents just started out their lives wanting you. Not every person starts a serious relationship by saying ‘yes, I am 100% committed to having children’. I never wanted kids for myself. I never wanted to have the responsibility, but you know what changed my mind? Getting pregnant. Now I have 2 sons that I love more than anything with my husband that I love deeply. And my husband still married me knowing full well he might not ever be a dad because he knew I didn’t want them but he loved me anyway. John can change. Just because he didn’t want them before doesn’t mean he can’t change his mind for someone he loves because keep in mind he’s a fully functional adult who can make his own decisions.

    And people bitching because he called it a sacrifice? People don’t normally say it out loud like he did, but it is a sacrifice having kids. You no longer come first and you’re responsible for someone other than yourself and it’s hard and it takes all of your time and you might even lose a little of yourself. So don’t criticize someone about having kids when you have none because you seriously have no idea.

    • Call ’em what they are, accidentally busted nuts from dudes with weak pull out strategies. Papi couldn’t hold in his load.

    • You come off as though you resent the decision to have kids. Virtually all of my friends are parents now, and from what I’ve learned from them is they’ve never considered their kids a sacrifice because the love they have for them and get from them is worth more than anything in the world. Always telling me that having a child isn’t a sacrifice, but the ultimate blessing and an improvement to life. They might not have as much money, time, or anything else anymore but they have the love of their child and that seriously outweighs any form of physical material or gratitude. It doesn’t matter to them that they don’t “come first” anymore because they’re more than happy to put their child first and give them the best life they can. It’s called *unconditional* love for a reason.

      I am not a parent but I have been taking care of my post-stroke mom for 7 years now, and it’s a hell of a lot worse than having a child since she’s stuck in a wheelchair, slightly overweight as a result, and the entire left side of her body is paralyzed. I have to do literally everything for her, outside of physically feeding her myself (Thank God) I haven’t had a full nights sleep in 7 years because almost every single night since I took over as her caregiver she wakes up at some point of the night needing something that I have to fully wake up to do, on top of my severe insomnia due to the stress and it takes me nearly 2 – 3 hours to fall back asleep once I wake up. I haven’t gone out with friends (hell, I barely even have friends anymore,) gone to any sort of event, concert, vacation or done anything socially “fun” in that 7 years. I’ve literally done nothing but sat in my room watching videos/movies or playing video games (my only form of fun/going out,) running errands, doing chores and being at her beck and call (because that’s what she needs to properly care for her) every hour of every day for 7 years.
      Imagine taking care of a newborn that NEVER grows up and is the size/weight of a full grown adult. Despite all of it, because she’s my mother and I love her unconditionally, I would never consider her a sacrifice, burden, or feel like she’s diminished my life in any way. I’ve never felt self-pity or unhappiness because I can no longer only care for myself or do anything I want anymore.

      What John said is disgusting, and it’s obvious he doesn’t want kids. He talks as though giving her a child is a commodity or some kind of expensive gift he doesn’t approve of. Anyone who feels that way about having children shouldn’t be having them because they’re only going to end up harboring resentment for them and as a result seriously damaging them mentally and emotionally.

      The irony of it all? They’re in the perfect position to have a child where their lifestyle wouldn’t even have to change much. They’re loaded, if they truly wanted to they wouldn’t have to make the decision most parents do. If they want to have time to themselves, go on vacation, whatever, they have the ability to hire a full-time nanny, and they don’t have to worry about any of the financial strains that can come with having a child. Having a child for him would literally just be an opportunity to share his love with another person and receive a whole nother kind of love that you can only get from having children and a family.
      Yet, he somehow makes it sound like a negative as if agreeing to have a child is the equivalent of agreeing to have his legs cut off. As though having a child is going to somehow steal part of his happiness and he just has to deal with it because his fiance wants it.

    • I hear everything you’re saying. My bigger question for people like Nikki is: Will you really sleep well at night if it all goes to hell? If someone who told you they didn’t want kids couldn’t take it and bailed after the fact? Do you want a family so bad that you will find joy as a single mother?
      Too often having children (which Nikki admits she fantasized about since she was a child herself) is a part of a bigger dream of having a loving husband too. Kids and husbands are not a package deal these days – one is easier to guarantee than the other. AND if its the kids you really want, and you don’t mind being a single mom why not go do that?
      Adopt? IVF? Anything other than accepting a ‘sacrifice’ from someone who is telling you up front they aren’t too keen on the idea…

    • John Cena is not some young child or young adult that just doesn’t want to have children too soon. He is a grown man that has already been married, has a well established career, plenty of life experience, etc and he knows what he wants out of his life. He made this clear to her before they started dating and ever since. Sometimes you have to respect the opinion/beliefs of others or they may come to hate/regret you one day. Nobody said he wouldn’t be a good parent… I’d bet money he would be an amazing parent… but some people just do not want that for themselves.

  6. Look if John wants be like THE ROCK so much he can STILL do movies and be a STAR just like THE ROCK I mean John THE ROCK has kids so if you wanna be like him so much HAVE A FRICKEN KID WITH NIKI!!!!

  7. These people need to go to therapy. Stop with the cameras, these are very real issues they have to address. This guy doesn’t willingly want a kid. Period. Sorry to be harsh! You can’t ‘sacrifice’ and then resent someone later- kids are people, it is a lifetime commitment when you are a parent! Oy vey. I really hope the best for them.

    • They could be okay in real life they just made this story up and everyone knows reality tv is fake

    • From what I know, the Bella twins decided to do the reality show for the people to watch and learn from their (bellas) mistakes and take the good parts of their life decisions. It’s somehow helping those families or persons with the same scenarios like them. They’re relatable because of that. You can watch the interview/ promotion of the Total Bellas where John Cena told the reason why he allowed himself to be involved in a reality show. 🙂

    • For some, yes. He has made his mind up (and made it clear as day from before they ever started dating) that he wants a life without children, therefore, having a child, he is sacrificing the lifestyle he has always said he wanted to be with a woman that wants a child.

    • Reality says YES its the truth some cant swallow youde be sacrificing health wealth time effort etc for 18 to 21 years

  8. I feel like now he’s only saying he wants a child because he knows that is what will keep nikki around , I feel like it’s not what he truly wants 🤔 I think he’s only doing it because nikki wants to do it

  9. Honestly, when Dolph Ziggler told Nikki that he’d give her kids and be her husband on that one episode of Total Divas, it sounded WAY more sincere than how John just put it. Love you Nikki 😊 , but girl, you need to search your heart. What do you REALLY want? 🤔

    • Tracey Remarais Totally agree with you! It wasn’t respectful at all, I won’t justify his actions. I just believe Nikki deserves someone who’ll poor their heart out to her. John should genuinely show her love instead of keeping his firm attitude up at all times. It’s okay to live a little! 😊

    • Astro Awesomeness I see what you’re saying but maybe he will grow and change for the better. I do think he is a good man.

    • Tracey Remarais Yes, he’s definitely a great man. He’s grown obviously over the years and I assume he’ll only get better. I wish the best for Nikki and John! 😊

  10. She has no fricking ideal what Raising a child is all about she lives in a Dream world lol! Being a Mom Does not SOLVE your Problems LMAO! I think John is Hesitating in this video Run John!

    • LISA MARIE she knows first hand by seeing her sister with her child. She knows that having a kid is a huge responsibility she see it. The problem is that Nikki thought she was fine with not having a child because John Cena didn’t want any kids. I knew once that little girl was born she would want to have a child of her own. She posts Birdie all the time on Instagram like she’s her mother. Nikki wants a child but she was willing to not have one for John. Throughout this whole relationship Nikki was a people pleaser. John should have never proposed but he probably had the same idea that she would want a kid after Birdie is born. So he thought marriage would be enough for her. But that had a complete opposite effect. He finally was willing to be accommodating for once now Nikki feels like kids are a possibility.

  11. Hahaha! What?!?! 😂

    “I’ll give you a child”

    He sounds like a Terminator trying to calculate human reproduction 😂

  12. “I’ll give you a child” GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!!!! so now because he doesn’t want to lose her, he’ll just sacrifice his happiness just to keep her happy because apparently she wants a child and he doesn’t. How stupid is this relationship. NEXT
    Nikki knew John didn’t want kids in the beginning. You can’t force this man. They might as well move on bro

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