Killer Mike Says Protest or Not, Super Bowl a Huge Win for Black People | TMZ

Killer Mike insists all the controversy over black artists playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show masks the most important point — which is huge financial opportunities for the black community.


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  1. No it’s not black peoples are dying big companies like that won’t let their players help spread that message

    • you’re on your smartphone asking dumb questions why don’t you Google it this man has music all over YouTube you’re on YouTube and still asking dumb questions

    • PITTSBURGH GIRL Lisa ROXXI listen to Run The Jewels album. And he’ll make you another hip hop fan!

  2. If black people care so much about black people why don’t they protest these rappers making songs and money off violence against other black people???

    • +Bastardson OfJefferson Not all of them live the life that they rap about, but most do or atleast aspire too. Some even did in the life they had before their rap game. Ultra violent, misogynistic, hood rich. Some if not most rap about violence against police.

    • +The Amped Life OK sure some rappers are criminals. But every black man in America is afraid of police. So get the frigging scale out and try and tell me why do you bring this fake News up when there are video’s and reports coming out every day of police abusing there power against minorities?

    • +Bastardson OfJefferson Highly unlikely that every minority of color is afraid of the cops. Statistically speaking if you look on the website for the justice department criminal statics show that whites are killed by cops the same amount or more than blacks because the US population is mostly white. They dont show it on the MSM media because it doesnt fit the agenda of keeping people of color in the plantation mindset. I’m a slave. Always will be a slave.

    • Better yet…. if they care so much about not playing SB to support #7, the players boycotting the game would have more of an impact. But we all know that will NEVER happen because they all for themselves and honestly don’t care about kneeling or by narrative about oppression. Give me break!

  3. The question has always been isn’t a true protest refusing to play not just taking a knee?

  4. Killer Mike thinks for himself nice. All this black celebrity are killing this sport that has made alot of black million

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