Kim Kardashian Gets FLOUR BOMBED! | TMZ

Kim Kardashian was on the red carpet promoting her new perfume when she totally got FLOUR BOMBED… and somehow it sparked one of the BIGGEST TMZ newsroom wars EVER!

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Kim Kardashian Gets FLOUR BOMBED! | TMZ


    • +IamOchieng

      And I would love to spill battery acid in your eyes. I’m sure you deserve it 🙂

  1. she deserved it , the woman who did it is a brave beautiful soul defending the voiceless ones , well done !

    • Bottom line is she likes wearing fur, the industry will keep using it, what can u do about it: absolutely bugger all. End of story. And nothing changes lets get back to life and the whole cycle of endless whining where the end result won’t change continues again.

  2. If it was someone who wasn’t famous that had happened to noone would care and the police wouldn’t even show up to a situation like that…ughhh just because she’s pretty and famous I guess she’s better than the average joe..NOT!!

  3. People are animals.  Literally…  Look it up.  Are we plants?  I had an argument with someone who thinks the sun is not a star…because it’s called the sun..  Same thing… semantics and ignorance.   Every person IS an animal.

  4. Some people are idiots. Animals are sentient just like humans, there’s no difference except species. Humans are animals, too.

    • I don’t know what’s going on here but I saw your comment I had to say this because it sounded so dumb +imjusthereforcomments we are animals, didn’t you study that in school?

    • +ticklemestudios Bro how much meat do you think our ancestors were really eating? Most of their calories were from gathering plants this is the only way they survived. DO you have any idea how hard it is to hunt with sticks and rocks? not to mention the animals they would kill would only last a day or two before rotting. Seriously dude just think about it for a second.

    • ~Taylor~ shut yo dumbass up animals aren’t the samr as us stupid we have dominion over them I’m glad people like you don’t impose any laws because we would be fucked

  5. No need for real fur these days. Come on. There are beautiful synthetics that don’t involve death.

    • +Minh Duc Le You’re f@king stupid. We rely on animals, just as they rely on us. Animals should be treated with more respective. And we can’t do whatever we want to them. There are rules that protect them from cu@ts like you.

    • Anything synthetic is never as good as natural. That’s just something broke people tell their kids so they don’t “waste their money”. I don’t believe animals should be ‘cultivated’ or treated the way they do when making clothing but I think if a animal is very old or already dead it’s fair game, why waste it anyway?

  6. Fur is horrible. I think we should do everything necessary to kill the industry. It has to stop. If that guy thought pouring flour in Kim’s head would help the cause, I guess I’m on his side. I wouldn’t do it though, but stil…

    • james allen I’m still waiting for you to kill yourself. Hurry it up

    • james allen never forget that your life is worth less than an ant’s. You will always be an insignificant gnat, enjoy your life, gnat.

    • Joakim Dahl yea, same with factory farming, animal testing and animal abuse of all kind

  7. Why don’t we just all wear fake fur. Seriously why do we need the real thing?

    • +TheMonkeesRock she spelled everything correctly, actually. punctuation is a different thing.

    • +New Moderate Oh I’m sure… You just have a soft spot for minions and letting the world know your insecurities. You do realize people can view your channel? You’re either a 12 year old kid with a lot of issues or a 21 year old virgin. Either way you’re being laughed at

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