Jussie Smollett’s ‘Empire’ Role Slashed in Wake Of ‘Attack’ Scandal | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Jussie Smollett's "Empire" screen time is getting slashed in the wake of a growing sentiment that he staged the so-called "attack." Also, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is on the move again … and it's a big deal.


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  1. Jussie (edit- What the hell kind of name is that anyway?) is a con man! And so are all the leftists like Al Sharpton quick to attack. All frauds!!!

  2. Well if Empire wasn’t going to cut him, they are now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was killed off the show by a hate crime πŸ˜’πŸ€”

  3. I think that was already happening regardless that’s why he pulled this whole stunt in the first place … Sad

  4. This separated the dumb from the actually smart and truly woke. For only the dumbest brainwashed sheep believed his BS. Same people that have been swallowing fake-news for past 2 yrs like honey flavored sp3erms. Even after a thousand lies and proven Hoaxes by fake-news.

    • +L Ta So you blindly believe people first(if you like them and their politics) and don’t believe in a court of law, or real evidence if you don’t like them? So you are literally a communist and believe in witchhunts and bringing back mob rule? Guilty till proven innocent too if you don’t like someone like those that vote differently than you. Cool. I alleged that you are a child molester, abuse dogs, are a racist, antisemite, and steal from your job. And the “L” in your nick stands for Long Live Hi-tler. Just because I say so. I hope others like you believe me. Specially if they don’t like the movies you watch, or your politics. That would be an insane society or anarchy though right? But my story is not “wobbly yet” about you being a predator and evil.

    • Jesus Perez I don’t like the show but your name says you are dumb. Hey Zeus? Is that how you say it in Spanish because all the smart ppl are educated enough to know that the letter j is only 500 years old. Anybody that believe in lies is stupid and that is you iesous Perez

    • +Jesus Perez nope u misunderstood me, I believe ppl by their word until PROVEN otherwise.
      Don’t care if it’s by law or not.
      And only if it’s about their personal experience.
      So If someone tells me that something happend to them I believe them.

      But I don’t believe anything a police department has to say who’s been proven corrupt.
      Jussie hasn’t been declared guilty of lying as of now the investigation is still on going.
      So it’s kinda irrelevant at this point because as of now it’s all hearsay.
      Nobody has been shown actual proof he’s been lying
      we just know what a known corrupt police department has been telling us

      And i could care less about what someone votes about or their other interests, it doesn’t factor in my opinion because THAT SH$T AINT RELEVANT

    • +Jesus Perez Also I just realized it is useless to discuss this with you, seeing your not even reading what I’m saying correctly
      Either you do it will fully, or you can’t comprehend it
      Either way , it’s a waste of time .. goodbye

    • +L Ta So you rather believe the criminals first. Even if they are literal criminals most of their lives, or criminal history, or literally doing a crime that causes the interaction with the police. Corrupt literal criminals that do crime get the benefit of the doubt first in your book. Or you think everyone in jail is some innocent angel victim of the police? What good weed are you smoking. I would advice you to go to any Prison in your state. Go there visit some of those angels. You will walk out tanking the Lord for the Police and how they keep civilization from devolving into anarchy and the jungle. I am NOT saying there are not corrupt cops. But they are not the main problem in America. Or even in most communities like Chicago. Fake-news media loves people like you. Has hoaxed you so many times and race baited you so much that you believe anything they say. As for Jussie. Its proven he has been Anti-Trump for months. Even calling Trump racial insults on twitter for months. Its already proven he lied too: He first said it was 2 WHITE dudes in MAGA hats that “attacked him” and he fought them in close quarters. Unless those white dudes were wearing some advance full body makeup, its already proven he lied. Since it was literally friends of his from Empire that he could not mistake. And since you love believing people, why don’t you believe his 2 Nigerian friends that are now co-operating and giving evidence to the Police? That have proof he paid them. They are literal proof he lied about who it was. That have receipts of the stuff they bought that the Police are using as evidence. Whose phone records the police were able to find because of Jussies proven lies to them about his own phone records. And you know why Jussie did not or is pressing charges against them? Because he knows they gave plan already. And he now has to cover himself and reason why he hired a top criminal defense attorney and PR consultant for HIMSELF. Since its now a federal case too. His lies have been exposed so openly and so much that even his own show is cancelling HIM.

    • +Deandre That’s not how a hate crime works. White people make false claims all the time stating it was some “Black individuals” who did it. They are simply charged with making a false report. By your logic, there should be a whole lot of White supremacists groups rounded up and thrown in jail.

  5. There’s a lot of Empire people that still believe Jussie?! I call this Blinded By Black.
    A lot of black folks are so blinded by racist fantasies like Jussie, that they cant see whats right in front of their face.
    He had to hire people to be oppressed. Lol

    • I don’t think you know too many black people. EVERYONE called BS on this. The only people this was even a debate with were the talking heads who pretend they represent black and gay people. Trust me when I tell you sir, most PEOPLE were not buying it.

    • +Dickerson Jean-Baptiste well I was going off of my buddy. Hes black. Big Hig I call him. Or Higgy. Even after the brothers were arrested he still believed Jussie. I didnt say anything else about it after that. We have our major political differences but it doesnt get in the way of our friendship.

  6. I’m happy he will be off the show I can even watch the show no more because of to much gay scene. Its absolutely mind blowingly disgusting on Empire because I have my kids running everywhere in my home n be careful as to what I watch is a plus

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