Kim Kardashian Tells Alice Johnson She’s Getting Out Of Prison | KUWTK | E!

The "KUWTK" star reveals the big news to Alice Marie Johnson that she has been commuted of her sentence. Watch the emotional moment!

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Kim Kardashian Tells Alice Johnson She's Getting Out Of Prison | KUWTK | E!


  1. Matthew 16: 21 ” From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.”

    • lorretter alisigwe, she got that man (the President) to grant clemency to a 63 year old woman who was serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug conviction ❤️she’s been in prison since 1996😔

  2. regardless of what anyone thinks of Kim, she did an amazing thing for someone she didn’t even know…many blessing to her!

    • Alexander Cooper
      Probably for publicity, but I do believe she cares about Alice. Mostly for Alice because Kim gets a lot of hate, she has acknowledged that. She knew she would be judged harshly either way, like about her looks for example. When that has nothing to do with the situation, not trying to start an argument with you though.

    • +Jim_Pin I don’t think she cared who she released. It could’ve been another random out of the blue person and she would’ve done it just for the publicity as well. She used her husband’s connections with president Trump in order you do the act. That is how that family has stayed in the radar for many years now. They do something that will get the world’s attention, either good or bad things. Small or big. Not arguing with you as well, just saying it too.

    • Alexander Cooper
      Either way it was a good thing to do. Alice seemed like she really liked Kim which would make sense as to why Kim would want to get her out of jail.

    • ​+Jim_Pin You still don’t get it. Kim doesn’t care what she has to do in order to move ahead and not stay behind. She doesn’t care if she has to release someone from jail, destroy someone’s life to get ahead, buy a poor person a new house, etc. You name it. As long as she acts get the tabloids and public’s attention, she will do it. It’s not about the act, it’s about fame and publicity. And of course Alice would love and worship Kim after she released her from jail. I think 99.99% of people in jail would be eternally grateful with someone who releases them from jail just like that. She didn’t know who Kim was before going to jail. The Kardashians were common every day people before the show. Alice went to jail in 1997. The Kardashians didn’t air their first episode until 2007.

    • Dina Guy
      You say you don’t hate her then go off and hate on her, she did a good thing stop trying to find pathetic reasons to hate. It’s her body and she can do what she wants with it without having to receiving hate.

    • Dina Guy
      I’m not mad because of your first reply, it was fine and you were politely saying you didn’t like her because your opinions of her are different. It was your second reply that was hate. You called her trash and slutty because her body is basically on display. It’s not YOUR body, so if you don’t like how she shows off her body, just do something else. Because your hate isn’t helping anyone.

    • Yeah helping a last out of prison that helped sell drugs is surely amazing. Imagine all of the people that died that took the drugs and all of the values and liclves that it helped tear apart. So sad.

    • b kelly
      No one died, correct me if I’m wrong. But anyway, Alice’s past isn’t good but Kim knew she was a good person, Alice seems like a really nice person and even though what she did was wrong, you’d understand how bad Kim would feel because she’s a nice person and received a life sentence in prison.

  3. I’m really impressed by this! Can’t imagine the emotions around this call for all involved!! Kim you’re amazing inside and out❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • RNY Really an Angel it’s an angel that helps the poor people an the sick people of course not a person that gets a ex drug dealer out of jail how is that an angel 🤔🤣

  4. Regardless of how she got famous or whatever. You can not deny the fact that she has a big heart & just did something amazing. She’s using her platform in an amazing way! God bless them all🙏🏽

  5. After people will talk trash about this woman, what Beyoncé has never done with her platform and fame, Kim did it ! Yes i am Team Kim !

    • you’re talking about one of the most influential woman in the world. association with her could catapult any brand to success and she has the midas touch. anything she launches or makes is an instant success. no big fr smone of that influence. ya call her a glorified pornstar or whatever bt i don’t see many “pornstars” having the impact she does

  6. not only kim, this whole family has a good heart inside out, always sticking be each other, supporting each other, and regardless of what you must say about them, they are always gonna be by each other sides and thats what family is for. I use to hate them but over time you get to see that they are more than we give them credit for

    • Aria Stilinski, she always says it’s bc she is a “mother”…I agree with you though and I usually get attacked when I say something about her. Like when that big fight happened with her and Kim I said maybe it was Karma for all the times she was bitchy and difficult on purpose and people tore into be fair though, I think they all do some things for charities, but I think this is the biggest thing any of them have done as far as doing for others. It could be this is the one that got the most attention but regardless Kim did an amazing thing!

      Edit: I’m not saying that being a mother is easy, I’m one myself so I know how kids run your life…

    • +Kelli S Chevallier I remembered once khloe literally took a homeless man off the streets, thats one of the best in my eyes as well, khloe and kim probably have the biggest heart out of all of them, kourtney is cold and but she seems to care about people she love… which is basicaly her sisters, mother, children and scott… and yes I think kim was right for being rude to kourtney, kourtney have made kim cry endless amount of times.

    • Tiara Blackwood, YESSS, Shorty!!!! I remember that and didn’t they find him again after that?!?! Thank you for saying that too bc I was being torn apart bc of what I said. I just feel that she intentionally makes things difficult for her sisters at times and apparently people didn’t like that! She’s a great mother and absolutely loves her family but she can also act like such a brat. I’m so glad that they showed the fight bc Kim says we are rearranging everything to accommodate you and you are still acting like this…

    • +Kelli S Chevallier GIRLLLLL!!!! I’m saying! I dont hate kourtney, she’s my least fav but I still like her. Kourtney is mean, if she treats her own sisters like that, imagine how she treats strangers. Kourtney loves her kids which is admirable but no one should speak down on kim just because she said one bad thing. dont let me draw back for the thousands of horrific stuff kourtney have said to kim. Kourtney is literally so cold and have this nonchalant personality, I personally dont feel kourtney was affected by what kim said cause in the end she knows kim didn’t mean it and she’s just a queen of overreacting

    • Tiara Blackwood, 🙌🏼Yessss👏🏼 exactly!!! I feel the same way! Every family fights and I know a lot happens that we don’t see but I’ve always felt she was one of “those”…her sisters say it though, lol or she does..ex: Khloe giving an interview while pregnant saying that she was fighting with her at the moment bc she was telling Khloe what toys to get. Khloe said if someone gives my daughter blocks I’m going to let her play with the f*****g blocks but it’s her way or the highway 😂and Kourtney saying to Kim when she opened her fridge, “You let your kids eat this crap?” I know a few people like that though so😂😂I just say how about you mind ya business and let me raise my kids and you raise yours lol

    • My comment, my right. You mean no matter what she’s done. She’s an imperfect human being like the rest of us. With that being said I am thankful she got that sister out of that ridiculous jail sentence.

  7. Everyone automatically shamed her for meeting with trump before realizing she did what she had to do to help this woman, if ur at a point where u can access such high people of power, do it.

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