WAGS Miami | Ashley Nicole and Darnell Get Into a Screaming Match | E!

Is recently engaged Ashley Nicole being insensitive towards BFF Darnell whose engagement was just called off? Don't miss the "WAGS Miami" stars' crazy exchange.


About WAGS Miami:
“WAGS Miami” documents the extravagant lifestyles and real-life drama that comes with being a wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete. These sexy women turn up the heat while simultaneously navigating the exclusive and private world of the most elite sports stars.

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WAGS Miami | Ashley Nicole and Darnell Get Into a Screaming Match | E!


  1. I’ve seen comments made against Ashley from ppl on social media, but they don’t even know her like that to be saying rude things about her like ppl on Facebook who are so rude or even on twitter and instagram, I know Ashley and she isn’t how ppl claim to be, she’s really such a good person and friend and does have a kind heart and nothing like what ppl say about her…she was such a nice person to me when we went to the same Pebblebrook High School, she was a senior and I was a freshman, she’s not what ppl claim she is, she’s such a good person.

  2. It’s just coming up bc Darnell is jealous that she’s not getting married. It’s displaced anger.

  3. lol. This show is prime example of how money won’t give you class. Saw this on the other day and can’t even believe women act like this in adultHOOD. Doesn’t matter what level of education or how much money they married into, they dont have any basic social skills and still act like this is high school and they can fight and cuss their pathetic points across lol.

    • I get what you’re saying but sometimes people argue and when they do they can yell and cuss. Especially if its misplaced anger or a problem that has been building up over time, which is what was happening here. I don’t think it should be done on national tv but sometimes arguments can get heated.

  4. this is good advertisement for Croatia but these Girls are pretty and stupid

  5. If only these women will go out and make a name for themselves and keep it moving and if the athletes want to marry them then great. Take a page off Aisha curry’s play book

  6. Hood rats you can take the rat out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the Rat

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