Kristin Cavallari Gets Real About Her & Jay’s Finances | Very Cavallari | E!

The Uncommon James boss gives husband Jay Cutler a wakeup call on where their money stands on "Very Cavallari".

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About Very Cavallari:
“Very Cavallari” is a new docu-series starring celebrity entrepreneur and reality superstar, Kristin Cavallari. With her new home base in Nashville, the series will follow Kristin’s life as a businesswoman launching her flagship store, Uncommon James, and wife to her husband, former NFL player, Jay Cutler. Between her family and her young, sexy staff, Kristin’s life is more busy and entertaining than ever under the new skyline of Music City.

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Kristin Cavallari Gets Real About Her & Jay's Finances | Very Cavallari | E!


  1. Yes so true that’s how my marriage works!! I have my co ins and he has OUR coins!! Yesss honey!!!😘😘💯💯💵💵

    • In fairness though he’s worth 3,4, 5X what she’s worth? If her husband had less money then her she most likely wouldn’t do that. She probably just wants to prove she’s a badass.

    • nathan hensn shouldn’t matter how much each other has in the account. Either you agree all the money is together or you agree to separate accounts and share the bills.

      A person can’t have their cake and eat it too. Like hey I’m keeping all my money but we’re paying all the bills with your money

  2. Maybe put on a seatbelt, Kristin. You’re going to have to stay with Jay because you need him when you fly through the windshield because you weren’t being safe.

  3. “Im not trying to win… any contest of beauty” btw Jay Cutler went 26-8 in games he and urlacher both finished healthy. Legend

  4. BUT…. no guy should be forced to stay with a girl because he can’t afford to leave because she’s taken all his money…. Double standard

    • Madeleine Dicaprio why should she? Because she had a logical thought that differs from the usual female script we’re all supposed to read? She can’t have an independent thought? I completely agreed with what she said but even if I didn’t I don’t think telling a girl to “shut up” is women supporting women.

    • Madeleine Dicaprio clearly you don’t know the definition.. defending a gender doesn’t mean your prejudice against the other (would be hard to be prejudice against myself). It means you can see both sides and aren’t so closed minded to think there is only one opinion or side.. Like I said double standard ok for you to be that way but not him…????

    • So you are only open to ideas that fit yours? Are you closed minded? Perhaps intolerant? And do you honestly think I hate women (definition of misogyny) because I agreed with Heidi that a man shouldn’t be forced to stay in a relationship because the woman has taken all his money. I think you want a woman to be free from her responsibilities while also maintaining all her privileges. So Jay can’t touch her money but she has NO PROBLEM using his millions? How does that make sense? I’m not saying its wrong to use his money, (that’s how many marriages work) all I’m saying is it is rather hypocritical of her to mention having her “own money” when I’m sure that’s a foreign concept to him.

  5. I was not surprised to read an article yesterday that the shows coming back for season 2 & as we all know, JAY makes the shows haha Thought it was just me but he is hilarious!

    • I only watch because of jay. this show gets covered by without that fanbase, this show would’ve been off the air by episode 3. and E knows it, so they’re making him an even bigger part of the show for season 2 🙂

    • Michael Actually I dont think thats true about the NFL fanbase. I cannot tell you how many articles & comments by viewers who are not NFL fans that came for Kristin & are staying mostly because of Jay. Myself included.Its done great for many reasons, theres no way you can put this type of show with their dynamic & not do great. Its also helped Kristins store & book sales, I doubt NFL fans are buying either of those😂

  6. But an all honesty women can say that they do love their husbands but they also want that security factor and know they will be taken care of. JS 🤔

  7. “That’s how it should be” a man gives all his money to a woman and then she should have her own money on the side?

    Yeah, totally. Equality, right? Ludicrous.

    • She only became somewhat relevant again because of her relationship with him. Her shows were a joke, that’s why when she took over the hills it didn’t last long after that. She’s a twit.

    • DreCas72 you just proved your own stupidity with your own comments, sweetie. Kristin said herself she didn’t reach out to jay in a interview. he got in touch with her. she’s been known from Laguna Beach and The Hills. your argument is invalid. you’re dismissed. 😴😴

    • MDub gotta disagree Jay isn’t anything special and he’s been a joke his entire career average at best player imo

    • I disagree. She is a celebrity in her own right and she made a few million during her time with the Hills and Laguna Beach. She doesn’t depend on him, but he doesn’t depend on her either with his NFL money. Whatever works for both is the right answer.

  8. oh that’s sad……marriage is being one. EVERYTHING in a big pot and supporting each other…

  9. I agree she should have her own money and so should jay. And share bills house costs children costs etc

  10. The logic is correct but slightly off. Jay is right. His money should not be their money and Kristen pockets what she earns. If that’s the case… then they need 3 pots. One joint and two personal. Fair is fair. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • but that’s what makes jay so great. his lack of a personality IS his personality. that’s why half of Chicago loved him and half of Chicago hated him. JAY CUTLER DON’T CARE!!!

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