KUWTK | Does Kylie Jenner Know How to Do Laundry? | E!

Is the youngest Jenner ready to be a homeowner? See what sisters Kim and Khloé think on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Does Kylie Jenner Know How to Do Laundry? | E!


  1. Don’t blame Kylie. Blame the people that raised her and never taught her.

  2. Why does every teenager worship this girl? I can do my own laundry worship me lol

  3. Why are people shocked that kylie can’t do laundry? I’m more shocked that Kim and Khloe CAN do laundry hahahahaha

  4. I’m glad they told her before she got in too deep. I blame Kris and Caitlyn for her not knowing how to do her own laundry, that should’ve been taught a long time ago but still she coulda at least tried on her own, its really not that hard !

  5. I don’t know why people are blaming Kylie for not knowing how to do these things, it’s all her parents fault for only caring about what she’s wearing, her Instagram followers, etc. I feel bad for her.

    • +Sormeh Siavoshi i know right how could people blame young adults or older teens when uh hello it’s the parents fault for not teaching them like… putting blame on them for no reason

  6. I’m surprised that the other two sisters actually know how to do chores.Not trying to be rude but yea.

  7. Kylie the whole time was like “oh cares someone else is gonna do it anyway🙄”

  8. If you don’t know how to do laundry or iron your own clothes you’re not allowed to have children

  9. I’m 17 and don’t do laundry I’m not spoilt i have always had parents that do it where as she can’t ironcis ridiculous

    • icy cold I can’t do laundry on a machine because I was raised poor so I do it by hand. Same with ironing

    • you guys are lucky your parents do those things for you, being spoiled varies in different meanings and it can be in the bad side or the good side. but atleast kim and khloe has a point, this isn’t just some kind of play house anymore for kylie, it’s literally owning a house and becoming a responsible adult. One thing i like about them is i know it’s surreal to think that no one is doing it for them but i think the way they express their disappointment means that they do know how to do those things upto the last detail. there are people who were pampered uptill they went to college and srsly don’t know how to even wash their own plate. it’s disgusting to leave your plate knowing that no one’s gonna clean it up for you , it’s just gonna be stuck there until roaches and insects swarm in the house.

    • I’m 16 and i can cook do laundry and clean
      It’s not the spoiled problem if you want or can do these it’s up to you at the end of the day you’ll end up doing it yourself

  10. Khloé: you need earth quake insurance, electricity bills, flood insurance….

    Kim: you need a really good gardener

  11. Why do all of the Kardashian’s have their own house when I’m 30 and still live with my parents 😂

    Edit: thx for 1 like 😁

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