KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Calls Caitlyn’s Tell-All Book “Insane” | E!

After speaking to big sis Kim Kardashian, Kendall is in total shock over Caitlyn accusations toward momma Kris. See her reaction on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Calls Caitlyn's Tell-All Book "Insane" | E!


  1. I didn’t realize when Caitlyn speaks poorly about the kardashians that included her own two children with kris

  2. Kendall always sounds like to me, like she’s trying to be a man with a plan. But she never has a plan. She’s just talking at her mom here, like kris doesn’t already know and agree with her about cait.

    • Sarah Lynn because people like to talk to others, I am sorry you’re not a fully functional social member of society.

    • um its scripted this isnt about her having a plan but about convincing us about Caitlyn being the bad guy here..or girl

    • +Shady Tyrell Buuuut you’re complaining about someone complaining. The difference is…she gettin a bag for it.

  3. I liked Bruce a lot but Now he becoming Caitlyn so his personality changed in a bad way…

  4. I don’t get why Cait even needed to write this book? She has an absurd amount of money as it is, maybe she is addicted to attention and the spotlight? She just seems very self centered; in a lot of old episodes his son Brody was talking about how cait is selfish and at first I didn’t see it but now I do. Who can talk badly about the family that supported her decision to transition?

    • Yea very selfish how the f u gonna raise 5 kids, u not even n ur 3 sons lives then have 2 kids by the lady and raise them.. that’s a slap n the f’n face, I understand why his boys acted standoffish they didn’t know know him they that.. that’s bold, where was Bruce karma for doin his sons like that??.. smh

  5. Caitlyn jenner is not an representative for trans people.. she annoys me … always something annoying going on..

    • Mia Blush Trans people literally has nothing to do with what they’re talking about, lmao. They’re talking about a person fabricating stories and blaming everyone else for their issues, which is true, which is what Catlyin did.

  6. Kris needs to write her own book to set things straight and put her side out there. She needs to tell her story. I’m with Kris.

    • +trusting virus you are the one who is pathetic… Seriously, reading the book or not is a person choices, not yours.. And you have no right to interfere in others people lifes.. If they want to buy their book,let them buy it, are they using your money, do they took money from you wallet?? As long as they don’t touch your money, WTF are you to judge and call a person pathetic and idiot… You are just so dumb and Uneducated

    • “Seekingforthetruth” really!? Change that title. Truth and Kardashians don’t go together.

  7. I really don’t like this family but they have a valid point. Caitlyn stayed with kris for so many years and they have kids together. No need to tear you children’s mom through the mud.

  8. “If you have a problem with them, YOU RAISED THEM.” — Hats off to Kendall! No truer words. #claps

  9. What I don’t get tho, is… IN WHAT WORLD does Caitlyn think it’s okay to have spent 65yrs living a lie, marry 3 different women and have & help raise a total of 10 children, then when you finally get the balls to become the person you’ve always wanted to be you chose to BLAME EVERYONE ELSE for why you were miserable for so long. Like seriously… WTF DUDE?! I get that its easy to hate the Kardashians, BUT THIS TIME THEY’RE NOT THE ONES IN THE WRONG. I’m so over Caitlyn, #GirlBye!

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