KUWTK | Kim Confronts Khloé Over Tristan Thompson Secret | E!

Hurt that Khloé didn't tell her about bringing her new man Tristan to Kanye's concert, Kim questions her little sis in this "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" bonus clip.

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KUWTK | Kim Confronts Khloé Over Tristan Thompson Secret | E!


    • Malachi Walker facts I miss those old seasons when they where really funny and entertaining.

    • Amy Rodriguez God you people need to get lives instead of commenting stupid things if you guys say it’s stupid and it’s bs and you don’t watch it why are commenting on this video

    • drinkallthesunshine LMFAOOOO i didnt even notice they voice over the fire pit!! like wtf! …GOOD eye hahaha

  1. They’re soooo mellow now! I kinda miss the feistiness of the earlier seasons lol oh well, guess they had to mature some time…

  2. The way they smiled at each other at the end… I will never do that with my sister

    Honesty I just can’t see it we fight soo much

  3. Producer: “ok girls we have no drama today so just make a big deal about something like we do every time.”

    • Ukalonji Roberts No. You’re spot on. Watching grass grow back is more interesting these days. It’s seriously quiet, they stare at each other weird. Cut the cameras. Stop the filming & just retire at this point. The liveliness has left the building a long time ago in my book.

  4. This show has gone on too long, they don’t even know what to talk about anymore…

    • Sara I the whole show is staged are you all idiots? lol I can’t believe people actually thought that it’s not scripted.
      What do you think makes the show interesting? They have directors and producers and people that tell them what to do

    • Naama Loll Yea, it is fake. Rosa Acosta even admitted that they had her to pretend to date Rob for the show & that the producers create the drama that goes on to make their lives interesting.

  5. The show is so scripted now. In the earlier seasons (especially 1-4) the show was a lot more raw and you can tell that the cameras were just lucky enough to capture certain footage when real drama went down, or something happy or funny happened. Now, basically every scene feels so staged like they each received a call sheet or something like “Khloe, you’re shooting a scene with Kim at 1pm today and you’re gonna talk about Tristan Thompson”.

    • Bambi Beaumont I wonder if they’ll be a episode about. Khloe’s real dad Alex Roldan 🤔

    • Omg its totally the opposite… the beginning seasons were soooo fake and scripted because they didn’t have any real drama back then and then in seasons 9-11 it started getting more real and no scripts and now it’s a mix of the real drama with partially scripted parts to support the drama

    • +gucci mustard maybe it was scripted in the earlier seasons too, but back then they didn’t all care so much about how exactly they looked on TV, so their reactions were a little bit more genuine.

    • A G he can date people if he has a baby…. but yaknow its kinda scummy to go on dating people when that baby hasnt even been born yet. Like go ahead and move on but can you at least wait until your pregnant wife gives birth like jesus christ o.o

    • A G it’s more about how he went about it and how the entire situation was repeated.

    • Mic Lemos just one. Jordy is holding it down on her own and even genuinely felt bad it happened to Khloe. Khloe is so wrapped that she basically has a contract drawn up to discourage him cheating *again*

    • Because someone has a child, that means they are not allowed to date if things dose not work out with the other parent.

    • Rodrigo DeLaTorre I know! So jealous sometimes she tries to hide it by being sooo accomadating but it’s so obvious. The worst is how she got all that surgery to look more like Kim, it’s ridiculous. And go back and watch a season 1 episode, you will really see just how much surgery she got. Still don’t look like Kim though..

  6. This is so boring, how do people watch this show. I’m falling asleep with Kim’s robotic voice.

    • It’s all that botox. That’s why it seems like they’re always smiling lol

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