KUWTK | Kim, Khloé, & Kylie Involved in Car Accident in Montana | E!

After a family ski trip in Montana, Kim rushes her sisters to get back home. See the scary moment behind the wheel on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kim, Khloé, & Kylie Involved in Car Accident in Montana | E!


  1. the music at the end added more suspense to the last minute 🙌🏼 Khloe working that wheel tho looking like a pro from an action movie

  2. tbh they are lucky khloe was the driver because kylie and kim can’t drive I’m glad they are safe though

    • TheHipIntrovert ! No , in fact Kim in pro in driving her late dad Robert late her drove her sisters since she was 16 he was depending on her in case her sisters were drinking or something .

    • TheHipIntrovert ! When the snow came on the Windows.. Kylie automatically held the steering wheel the first time shes a good driver TRUST

  3. I think the good thing about seeing this is seeing that Khloe knew what to do and she stayed calm – none of them were screaming or yelling

  4. and for everyone saying that kim didn’t worry about north is stupid because north was the first thing she grabbed

  5. On the way down, all Khloe can say is “ITS NOT MY FAULT NOT MY FAULT”

  6. instead of screaming that you don’t have your seatbelt on, hurry up and put it on.

    • Trashmarg well she could have when she was honking the horn waiting for everybody. If she actually wore her seatbelt every time she was in a car this wouldn’t have been an issue.

    • She was caring for North!!! Obviously she isn’t gonna be like, “oh I’m gonna put my seatbelt on instead of holding my baby.”

    • She needs to attend to her child and see if he is okay first not put on a seat belt. If you where a mother you would understand

  7. Khloe should seriously be in a action movie.

  8. A lot of people are talking about how Kim didn’t immediately reach for North. The fact of the matter is — She was on high alert the whole time, you could see her emotions running through her. You dont have to grab and cover your child when the car is just sliding off of the road into a small ditch. She was watching and waiting for the right time. In a situation like this, you can almost be certain when the car is going to tip over. Especially when the event leading up to it is stretched out. Additionally — At 1:49-51 You can see kim with her hands on Norths’ carseat while she is watching the road. Oh, and at 1:54. AND AT 2:27.

    Everyone is always looking to complain about Kim. I see nothing but a caring mom here. She had her hands on the carseat the whole time.

  9. Am I a bad person for laughing at Kylies facial expression when they were sliding 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. To everyone saying Kim is selfish and didn’t care about North, as soon as it happened Kim grabbed and help Norths hand

  11. Her first concern was her baby not the seatbelt. That car seat was the first thing she held on to and she didn’t grab for the seatbelt she mentioned it because if anything happened, she’d probably fly out but she grabbed that carseat and held it for her daughters safety .

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