What Were Michael Jackson’s Final Thoughts? | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

Tyler Henry answers some of Latoya Jackson's unanswered questions on her brother's death. Watch the intense moment on "Hollywood Medium".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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What Were Michael Jackson's Final Thoughts? | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


    • Faith Santiago I feel sorry for the family but not for her. She was the one who basically called him a child molester in the 90s on live tv. She tries to act like nothing happened at all

    • DERPy No it was a press conference in the 90s all about MJ and child molestation allegations and trials. Every since then, she has been acting so fake to her family, saying that she cared for Michael when she was with him in his time of need. There’s a clip of her saying those things.

  1. Everyone knew about Michael Jackson doctor was sometimes not there in Michael Jackson room HELLO!it was everywhere in the media

    • Sally Ann it’s a show to make money, their not going to tell u the truth.they don’t have too.i was a believer untill I read comments on other videos and I really watched him and I think he’s a fake now.it sucks because I want to believe.watch the Facebook winner show,it’s obvious.

    • stephanie daigle the people who produce the show arnt going to tell u he knows everything about them before he meets them.lmao.i was a believer untill I read the comments in his videos.fake!!!

  2. Come On, this man is a fake. He’s just regurgitating the news from the media.

  3. I saw the thumbnail of her and went directly to the comments 😅

  4. This guy pisses me off! He acts like he has no idea who these VERY famous people are or anything about them

    • +Missy that was the reason it happened. Smokey as the Dad could not be made a Star if He had a Baby from a 14 year old Diana.

    • He’s said various times that he tries his best to stay disconnected so that he doesn’t have a bias during his readings

    • +thinkpink53 I’m really sure that isn’t the case. It’s a show and he knows exactly who he’s gonna see. He has to do his research 1st so he can feed these people a bunch of crap. No one can talk to dead people. Fruitcakes

    • U sould hella dumb like not everyone knows every celebrity ever and LaTaoya is probably one if the most forgotten Jacksons

    • I know right, they should let him rest in peace. We all miss mj.
      If I could I would tell mj how much I love him and miss him think about mj often, and If I could would give mj hugs and kisses and I hope there will be justice for mj because two years is not enough so hope they re open the case, I believe that there more to that.
      after what Murray did someday that the truth unfolded. So believe there more people in aeg that involved in that. After all they try to do the same thing to that singer justin bieber something just don’t seem right.
      Make me wonder is aeg part of illuminati that mj used to talk about.

    • Yes, yes it was.

      He’s telling infomation already known

      Typical cold reader

    • Stop saying MJ’s real Mother was Diana Ross. This would mean he had the hots for his own Mother. lmao This is why I don’t buy or read trash mags. Fake news.

    • Michael Diana tells MJ at age 10 that she is his Mother, this means MJ does have a crush on Diana Ross the Singer. They had an odd relationship. But I explain it all.

    • DERPy you know what a massive fool you have to be to not listen to my work MASSIVE FOOL!!!!

  5. I hate to see people using him to get attention, just let him rest in peace

    • I’m not in an uproar just stating my opinion as an american where we have Freedom Of Speech!! I just think it’s wrong for people to write on something that is non of their business. Hey everyone has their right to an opinion so sorry if I offended you. I just feel there are more things to upset about then over someone who is dead. Like the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. That is more of a concern for me then this sorry. Plus I’ve never seen Hollywood Medium I prefer the Long Island Medium. I get your a huge fan of Micheal but if you don’t know him personally how do you know he’s not a monster who abused kids he helped? I like Micheal music myself but I don’t know him personally so, I don’t know of the people who have/are accusing him are lying or not.

    • Katie Parent Oh really if that’s so then why did you clicked on this video and took the time to check out the comment section and then reply to my comment. And if you’re so concerned about the shooting what have you done about it?

    • Michael is in hell , hate 2 burst ur bubble 😂😂😂 He was NOT a godly person


    • Whatever Happens Don’t Let Go of My Hand Nothing new at all…I’m finding it hard to explain why this man is even famous!

    • I think the section was longer but they cut out what they don’t want on TV more like private

    • Lili Ana I understand somethings could be private but he din say even one new thing. Even a small new thing would have been nice.

  6. ima need everyone here to calm down. If you guys don’t believe, then don’t watch the video. simple as that.

  7. I’m sorry but Latoya looks like Yzma from the Emperors New Groove 😭😂😂

  8. His body guards said that nobody in his family ever came to visit him, and would speak about how MJ would spend holidays alone and when it would be his children’s Birthday he would even have the body guards celebrate with them and the body guards eventually became like family to him. It’s sad that he literally spent the last moments of his life without the people who should’ve been there. They must have a lot of guilt. I know I would.

    • It’s so sad mj had to go through that. So agree with you where was his family and friends when he need them the most.
      Mj always said that his felt like loneliness man in the world in one of his quotes.
      In this video I think latoya is asking questions not blaming anyone.

    • GENESSI they did come to visit but he didn’t want to see them because most likely they came for business

  9. You should’ve been there LaToya. YOU! Stop blaming other people when you and your family didn’t care to visit him months prior to his death. Maybe if y’all would’ve cared to have been there MJ wouldn’t have had to deal with his demons on his own.

    • +Shanice Sullivan that wasnt nice of la toya to do that.
      When I frist heard about I also got upset that la toya do that to mj.
      But one you read la toya book that are some clues why la toya do that.

    • +Deezy Dee it’s not right what murry or aeg did either they should took care of his health instead of leaving him alone, that way.

  10. Why is it Latoya and not Janet? Latoya was the main one talking bs on Michael to the press. I get they’re family but… the interviews from the 90s say something else..

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