KUWTK | Kim & Khloé Think Kourtney No Longer “Wants to Be a Kardashian” | E!

The "KUWTK" sisters discuss Kourtney's foul attitude towards them. See Kim & Khloe try to make their oldest sister feel left out in this bonus clip!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kim & Khloé Think Kourtney No Longer "Wants to Be a Kardashian" | E!


  1. These two are bullies, they are mothers in their thirties acting like straight up twats.

    • She’s the only adult of the bunch besides Kris. No wonder she wants a break from them. Geez. Childlike.

    • +genregurl how is she an adult for doing nothing with her money but spending it on vacations? Without her last name she wouldn’t last a day.

    • +shai R. exactly.She always made fun of Kim back in the day.She deserves every single bit of it

    • Boring? yet you here commenting …i dont usually watch or comment on boring shows

    • The Truth Will Piss You Off I’m not bored with the show; been watching since season one and will probably watch till the last season; what’s boring is the stupid thing with kim and khloe uniting against kourt! They should something else and not stay on that same crap for a whole season!

    • shai R. Kourt and khloe used to always be the closest! Don’t know why that’s changed…. still when they were close they united in arguments against kim sure! But they weren’t constantly bullying kim!!

    • Diddy IsADick no they haven’t if you look at previous seasons it was always Kourtney and Khloe together and Kim was pushed to the side

    • @Natasha Duncan… yes and when Kim was pregnant with her second her and Kourtney bonded and left out Khloe for a bit since she couldnt relate not being a mom lol… this is just sister stuff… Plus Kourt keeps her feelings inside a lot and can be really rude

    • Sura S yes absolutely I have daughters so I know how bitchy girls can be. But Kourtney has always had a bad attitude. And then plays victim when they are mean back to her

    • @Natasha Duncan…. yes its so true… she says she doesnt want to fight mean anymore but maybe she should be understanding and less demonizing when her sisters do it since she was always very harsh…And I mean that in terms of brushing it off instead of wanting to sever ties with her family over a fight especially since she used to be very mean to Kim.

  2. Why does kim sound and look like a🐍trying to create drama and turn Khloe against kort…

  3. “Kourtney no longer wants to Be a Kardashian” ??? “take away her privileges”??? They are talking about their family as if it’s contracted and manufactured. This is all soo messed up. Kourtney is always gonna have Kardashian in her name. Family is family no matter what! Plus Kourtney has a right to her own individualism. If she needs distance and wants to spend the holiday alone, they should respect that.

  4. I used to love Khloe for being herself.. Now Not so much… They are just not interesting to waste money or brain cells to watch… Kourtney is staying herself.. Away from the gossip and Camera’s….

    • Yeah so her Kourtney doesn’t waste money but she goes on multiple vacations? Kourt is in Mexico again doing absolutely nothing but wasting her money away

    • What is the point of money if you don’t spend it on quality time? Experiencinb new things and bonding with loved ones? She’s the only one who isn’t greedy for more and she actually has interests and learns about the world.

    • I have 4 nd I would nvr treat them like this. Our bond is better than that. Nd if it was one of my sister’s acting out as Kourtney, I would be there for her from a distance but also let her kno that we love nd support her in whatever she’s goin through.

    • +Melanin_Gawdess Jones That’s not the same for everyone else

    • PrettyAss Robbie nowhere ge should get a chunk of the money their video made her famous!

    • DeeVaBae CHRONICLES girl that was forever ago I’m sure he already went through that money… how often do you watch their tape that you get this worked up over it? #weirdo

    • PrettyAss Robbie I’m not worked up it was a comment and I dont watch their tape! You got this much time to comment on comments! God bless!

    • Kim hates Kourtney because Kourtney doesn’t care about doing all the stuff for fame it really bothers her ROFL

    • +Rama Elboshra Sorry if you already googled or smth, but everyone is pretty certain that Khloe’s real rather was not Robert Kardashian. Kris made her cheating very vocal and Khloe looks like an absolute twin of Kris’ hairdresser at the time, Alex Roldan. You can really see in their childhood pics that Khloe stands out with her blonde hair and light eyes.

  5. Aren’t you two pushing 40s? Why do y’all act like this towards her. She’s y’all’s sister.. Y’all ain’t like 12 anymore.

  6. They are bullies. Kourtney outgrew them. There is more to life than being famous and rich. Right now the ones that are most natural ans stand out are Kendall and Kourtney.

    • if you look at photos from a few years back. none of them look like the same people. only Kourtney

    • Yes, totally. And if she sits down and goes on vacations, that’s ok, Kourtney could retire right now, she doesn’t need more money. No one put a gun to Kim’s head to make her benefit her sister… oh and also, without Khloe, Kourtney and Kris KUWTK wouldn’t have succeeded because Kim is boring. Just remember the first seasons, all the fun was Khloe, Kourtney and Kris, oh, also Kendall and Kylie.

      Kim is jealous because she realized her looks are fading (only thing that made her important) and Kourtney can have a life without depending of that, looks. The end.

  7. Kourtney was a Kardashian before any of the children!!! So needs to take the name from Yall! Tried it!

  8. Now it’s just becoming stupid and petty. Wonder how it would be if the tables were turned and it was Khloe and Kourtney against Kim or Kim and Kourtney against Khloe.

  9. Kourtney is the first Kardashian out of them all….Khloe isn’t a Kardashian by blood…..Kim is a West..so……………………yeah

  10. Do they not realise Kourt doesn’t want to be around them *BECAUSE* of how they’re acting. She’s actually being smart, who’d want to be around these 🐍.

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