KUWTK | Kris and Khloé Clash Over Lamar’s Actions | E!

Khloé throws a backyard party to wash away her troubles with Lamar, but watch what happens when Kris defends Odom on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kris and Khloé Clash Over Lamar's Actions | E!


  1. Khloe is a child. If she wore mature enough, she’d understand what Kris is telling her. She’s obviously not standing up for him. Khloe has a disgusting attitude towards her mom, too. 

    • +Kayzia-Ashley Washington im sorry but respecting Kris Jenner as a mother is pretty hard. I mean kourtney dislikes her bc the woman cheated on her husband when she was married with two toddlers and thats barely scratching the surface. Remember when she was pressuring khloe to have a baby with lamar and then called her saying she needed to diet more and be skinnier for the Kardashian brand.the lady is off her rocker

    • +sue she you shouldnt ever say that cause your mom had you in the stomach for haw many months

    • +iman dubad That’s not making a point. Especially since children don’t ask to brought into the world.

    • +omgonit …she has said some pretty rude things to Kris also…but I agree she is the nicest to her but I think its bc they are so alike. Work before family and they are both extremely materialistic

    • I would say the same thing if my mother said that she loves my cheating husband very much

  2. Khloe may be wayyy outta Lamar’s league, but she is so disrespectful. The way she talks to her mom is disgusting. Personality matters too.

  3. She’s so disrespectful! I wouldn’t talk to my mother like that. That’s what happens when you raise spoil rotten little brats

  4. Kris lets her kids talk to her any kind of way. I would never EVER disrespect my mom or any older authority like that. Yes they are adults but thats going too far. Kris tries to act like one of them tho. She lives through Kim. Smh they’re all just a mess.

  5. I don’t see why Khloe is acting the way she is. SHE was the one who wanted to marry a man she didn’t know. Her MOTHER was always supportive of her throughout Bruce’s unsupportive nature to the whole “Khloe getting married in 9 days”. These children are brats who have no respect for their mother. How are these women good role models to the world?

  6. That would be the Moms fault for her disrespect. When I was growing up my mom was my mother but someone I could turn to. She was tough and nurturing. Make no mistake she was the Mother. I knew that. My siblings knew that and so did my friends. Most parents these days want to be best friends and hang out with their kids like they are one of their friends. That’s what she would do. She never set boundaries. I’m not mad at Kloe for her disrespect I’m not mad at her mom either cause they don’t pay my bills but if I was asked who should be blamed it is the mother. She is the head of the house hold not the kids.

    • Most of her other children don’t act like this, if they do, it’s not often. Khloe is an adult, she needs to take responsibility for her actions. It’s not Kris’s fault if Khloe decides to act out.

    • Have you watched the show? lol They all behave like that. They just take turns. Trust me what goes on in front of the cameras is nothing compared to what really goes on behind the scenes.

  7. khloe definitely should have never said that to her mom and Kris shouldn’t have been talking about how much she loved the man who cheated on khloe and treated her like crap

    • Writtenby_AmberWalton well they was together for years she save him as family kris wasn’t wrong khole would ve got slapped if that was my sister she wrong period her mother trying to be support of both of them

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