KUWTK | Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Rob’s Struggles | E!

With Rob Kardashian dealing with personal demons, Kris reveals her fears for his future. Watch her emotional moment on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Rob's Struggles | E!


  1. Rob didn’t miss Kim’s wedding. He left because Kim was making fun of him.

  2. I hope this will help him through and I don’t want to say this I believe it started when Adrianne balion left him

    • I heard it was after his break up with Rita Ora because she cheated on him. He even covered his Adrienne tattoo with Rita’s name and Kim and Khloe came after Rita online.

    • Silkblu1989 karma he cheated on addriene she was a very good girl and she left him he went down hill after that and started dating worst and worst women he use to pull some baddies

    • Teresa Hernandez he was truly in love and when he cheated on Adrienne I believe that’s where is downfall began

  3. Kim is so heartless. All she cares about is herself. Anytime they talk about Rob, she just brushes it off like he’s just “lazy” or “making excuses”, when in reality it’s very clear that Rob is suffering from depression. Depression isn’t just sadness, and doesn’t just go away. But of course Kim is so self-absorbed she doesn’t even see it. 

    Poor Rob. Being in that family must be such a mess. Hope he gets better.

    • +thatkidd jennifer I wouldn’t say everyone has tried to help him. It seems as though everyone except Kim have tried to reach out to him and get him help. Kim’s too busy taking selfies and complaining about her own “problems”, while neglecting her brother who actually has *real* problems.

      And Rob’s comparing Kim to the girl from Gone Girl, says a LOT. 

    • +whocares4819 Kim isn’t brushing it off, I agree with her. My brother has suffered from depression and has had a plethora of suicide attempts and sometimes tough love forces them to get help and make a change. Nothing in life is a life sentence, the human mind is a powerful thing and if you try to become a happier person you will.

  4. It’s always sickening how detached Kim is, by being “tough” isn’t going to phase or galvanize a depressed person into getting better. I hate the “just get out of bed” perspective, one that Kim always channels.

  5. game, set, match.  I would say for sure that Kris & Kim don’t want to see something horrible to happen to Rob, but this segment has an appearance that if/when it does, they will have this documented to show that they “tried” to help him… even through their main focus to squeeze money out of anything they can including impressionable children & non profit organizations like Church.

  6. They put everything on TV. Rob doesn’t want to be in that life anymore. If they really wanna help, they do it in private, nit air his business out on national tv in front of millions of people. Goes to show, they got fame and fortune yet they STILL miserable and unhappy!

  7. How sad if I were in this family I’d be depressed and run for my life too.

  8. Oh my gosh. Every time Kris tries to talk, Kim always has to budge in. Stop cutting your mom off.. Ugh.

  9. I agree with Kris Jenner cause she doesn’t want her only son to die beside she lost her late husband Robert Kardashian Sr. I hope Rob lose weight soon

  10. She’s more worried about him becoming less physically attractive than why he is gaining the weight in the first place. All she cares about is her family’s image… Be sad about how he is feeling inside not how he looks. She’s sad that she can’t make money from him posing nude like she did with her daughters.

  11. I’m really confused. Why the dramatic music?

    Because he gained weight? What is he like 800 lbs?

    Why are they making such a big deal out of this?

    The poor guy must be humiliated to be exploited like that.

    • +Linny Crocus His health is in danger, don’t know the specific problem but there is something wrong with his stomach, and he won’t stop eating or anything

  12. He’s been with Chy for 4mnths and lost 50lbs already,you guys should be thanking her for taking care of your brother/son not bashing her.

  13. It’s strange tho. When you have depression you can’t just go back to what you were before! It takes time and self-realization and you take steps to better yourself. If Rob doesn’t want help then don’t HELP! Rob will find his way in due time.

    Now that blac done came along…HE ALL SMILES!!! 😚🙌🙌🙌🙌

  14. If they really are that concerned about him, why did they air this very personal clip and when he isn’t there at the moment? Seems fucked up to me.

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