KUWTK | Kris Jenner Confronts Kim Kardashian Over Nasty Feud | E!

Is Kim K. a traitor to her mother? Find out why helping Caitlyn Jenner is causing a major headache for Kim on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Confronts Kim Kardashian Over Nasty Feud | E!


  1. I usually feel sorry for Kris and I still do, but I think it was unecessary that she wanted her kids to be on her side. I mean Caitlyn is still their dad so I don’t get why she doesn’t want them to help her.

    • xoxo royall yet she wrote a whole entire book shading their family,what “father” would do this to their children?

    • +HTR xox that’s not my point..I’m just saying he raised them and watched them grow as if he was their father once their father passed

    • +Lost in The world no she doesn’t need serious psychiatric help. That’s a completely normal reaction for somebody who’s been through a loss like she’s been through. I’m sure after the fact she reflected on it and chilled out and apologize to Kim. She was it not crazy at all for feeling this way it’s a very normal reaction. However Kim did absolutely nothing wrong.

    • Yes but Kris needs time to deal and heal with this. Especially after Caitlyn bashed her completely. If Caitlyn need help to find a dress go ask one of your new found girl friends im sure they’ll happily oblige.

    • Thejdreamerzful how about consider that this woman was their stepfather for years and her kids have a close relationship with Caitlyn that does not end with their divorce?? She sounds extremely narcissistic.

    • muraroligia the key word is there stepfather. At the end of the day, I’m picking my mom over everyone else

  2. So Kim hung out with her father and she’s a traitor? Kim is a grown woman this is not a custody battle over a 12 year old. Kris needs to chill tf out

    • Tormentally yeah but they were married for 25 years, when you’re in some ones life for even half of that as a father figure then it doesn’t matter if you’re blood or not. You will be connected to that person no matter what.

    • +Tormentally grow up. Biology literally has nothing to do with it because Caitlin raised her from the time that she was really young because her biological father was already dead. You really expect her to just not care about that person after all of that history seriously

  3. What kind of mother makes her kids choose sides. Kris needs to grow tf up Kim’s a grown woman she should be able to help whoever she wants.

  4. That is just not fair and not right of Kris to treat her kids that way. She brought Bruce (now Caitlyn) into their lives, and deep down that is still their father figure. Who cares if he is a woman now, it doesn’t change the fact that he has been there to help raise those kids. It’s not fair for Kris to just decided she wants her kids to cut Caitlyn out of their lives like she has, just because she personally feels betrayed. She shouldn’t drag her kids into her problems.

    • She signed up for her children to have a father & be a good example of a husband, not a second mother.

    • There’s much more to it then the gender change. Kris ended up supporting Caitlyn, but then she wrote a book and completely bashed Kris. I see exactly why she’s upset. Not only that, but Caitlyn started running her mouth about Kris to their children. There’s just some things you don’t do. Especially when children are involved.

  5. She has every right to be upset. Her husband of so many years is now a woman. Her world was completely shattered.

    • But she doesn’t have to get mad at Kim, it’s not like she did it intentionally. She should be angry at Bruce not her kid!

    • Legendary Vogue X her husband will never be a woman. No matter how many dresses he wears. He is not a man either. He is a transgender.

    • Muva Mortis your an idiot because although they kind of had a feeling this episode had nothing to do with that, everyone’s angry at Bruce because he wrote a book about his transitioning and made the whole family look bad and said awful things about everyone including kris even though he’s the one who dragged her along in the fake marriage that he didn’t have his full heart into, that’s selfish, and don’t do that nicey nice attitude like your above everyone in the comments, you talk without knowing the full situation, that’s a lack of intelligence right there

    • Shattered? That’s bullshit she knew for a long time who that man was we never really seen that lady break down other then that little crying she did you think that man came out just like that the whole family knew for years so that fake crying Kris doing is old tears.

  6. Kris has every right to feel this way. No matter how she smiles about Caitlyn, she lost Bruce in a horrible way!

    • Yes she really bullied him and kicked him out of the bedroom. She made him move all of his things including clothes in the garage she always talked down to him. If you ask me her marriage has been over and she even saw other men while with him. She is such a drama queen and she talking about loyalty over a dress. Please she needs to get over it.

    • yeah, she kept trying to make him more manly, but i feel like if she just took the time to sit down and ask him why he wants his hair long or whatever, he would have opened up to her. SHE IS SO JUDGY and intimidating and only cares about her and her families image, that drove him crazy.

  7. Kris is mad because Kim helped Caitlyn pick out a dress when she never told Kim that her and Caitlyn were having issues… This is so petty and so stupid 😴

    • Kris isn’t upset at Caitlyn cause she came out and changed her gender. She is mad cause Caitlyn wrote lies about Kris in her book and her look like the villian in her life and Kris is sad cause now her 20 something years of marriage and connection with her spouse just went to hell.

    • +-Can Ameri- she’s doing a favor for her stepdad who basically raised her because her dad died when she was pretty young. She shouldn’t have to ask permission as an adult from her parent to do anyting. Strictly because she didn’t even know that there was anything going on between them she thought that everything was good. I completely understand that Chris is hurt and where she came from because of everything that went on with her and Caitlin but Kim did absolutely nothing wrong.

  8. I never thought I would say this (Lord help me) but Kris Jenner is right. Her Kardashian children should be Team Kris, their loyalty should be 100% with her.

    • Kyle, Kris has every right to feel hurt and angry. How would you feel if you were married for 25 years and your spouse changed her gender with no explanations or apologies and no obvious affection for your married life together? Grow up.

    • Giani Doing Me Benman the argument isnt if kris should be upset with Caitlyn. the argument is that kris is being selfish by putting her kids in a position where they have to choose sides. bruce was theyre stepdad for yearsss, they spent more time with him then theyre real dad. that is their real father figure. all kim did was help Caitlyn choose a dress, i dont understand how thats “disloyal” or “betrayal”. she needs to grow up and not put her kids in such a difficult position. it isnt easy for them either to adjust to this new person that bruce has become. the love and care bruce provided them for their whole lives doesnt vanish over night. besides its not like kim took Caitlyns side, all she did was pick a dress. an issue completely seperate from kris’ and bruces marriage.

    • She should definitely be neutral just because Caitlin transition does not change the fact that he raised them

    • +Lindy Parker She’s not being selfish by feeling hurt! Yes she should not have put Kim in a position where she would have to pick sides but she also has every right to feel that way.

  9. omg Jonathan’s face looks like it’s going to pop in any second! Enough with the Botox you look insane

  10. Obviously…She’s completely shattered inside that Bruce and her split so that he could become a woman. I truly felt that her younger guy is some weird rebound, and it shows here. She feels abandoned and betrayed by Bruce.

  11. Ugh Jonathan just doesn’t seem like a genuine person to me. Why are they friends with him.

  12. If ur my grown kids, am sorry but, if I beef with my ex who ain’t yo dad but a woman now 😏… y’all better put yo beef shoes on too.

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