KUWTK | Kris Jenner Interferes With Pregnant Khloé’s Workout | E!

Mama Jenner does everything she can to prevent the soon-to-be mother from getting a sweat in during her pregnancy. Take a look on "KUWTK."

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Interferes With Pregnant Khloé's Workout | E!


    • how is she smart if she thinks working out for you while pregnant isnt healthy, she did so much dumb stuff lmaoooo. and beautiful is subjective. i personally think she isnt.

    • SlayerBumba,
      If you think that just “working out” is the REASON for my comment,YOU have some DEEP-seated issues that you need to rectify,anyone with COMMON SENSE should never have asked such a question.SMH

    • +Formation of Words you said she is smart under THIS video. so what any normal person would think is that you think she is smart based on what she said in this video.

  1. Awww I don’t normally like Kris but she’s so cute and motherly with Khloe in this video. Its adorable!

  2. Kris : you should not be doing this while pregnant

    Khloè : but , i wanna be healthy

    Kris : NO

    Khloè : ” does it anyway”

    Lol 😂

  3. Wow I’ve never seen Khloe makeup-less and she looks so goddamn beautiful, i’m mesmerized 😍

  4. I think kris is just really worried and overprotective over Khloe’s first pregnancy because remember when she was having fertility problems and thought she wouldn’t be able to have a baby?

    • Damontae Davenport she lied about having fertility issues she didn’t want a kid with Lamar because he did drugs

    • Who would fake and lie about something like that Is sick and actually really disgusting.

    • Damontae Davenport she never had fertility problems she just didn’t want to have kids with Lamar.

    • pabs kane she said she was actually going to the doctor to get treated so she WOULDNT get pregnant she wanted Lamar to think she couldn’t get pregnant when in reality she just didn’t want to because of his drug abuse and cheating

    • She actually said that she was faking getting the treatment but she does/did have fertility issues. In the episode the doctor looks at her uterus and says that there’s less than he would expect from someone her age.

  5. khloes butt is absolutely ridiculous, it is so big. how do people find that attractive?!

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