KUWTK | Kris Jenner Remembers Phone Call Made to Marcia Clark | E!

The "Kardashians" star opens up on her thoughts on "People v. O.J. Simpson" and her memory of the controversial time. Listen in.

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Remembers Phone Call Made to Marcia Clark | E!


    • THE MELANIN PRINCESS look at 2:21….My grandmother always said You can always tell a women’s age by looking at her neck and hands. Look at Kris’hands at 2:21… Women like Kris get plastic surgery to tighten their necks etc but the hands never lie

    • Andrew Boone She was really close to Nicole I’m sure she’s truly emotional about this. She’s human

    • Yeah. You never have closure when someone you love dies unexpectedly—especially when they are murdered . It isn’t like a long illness when you can say your goodbyes and make peace with it before it happens. Plus she has survivor’s guilt for not being aware of the abuse Nicole was getting leading up to the murder.

  1. Ugh the whole time I’m watching this clip I cringe when Corey has something to say. Like can you hush and let Kris and her mom spill the tea. YOU WEREN’T THERE LIVING THIS MOMENT!!!!!! lmao

  2. can you imagine having to clean your best friends blood off the steps to her house…

    • Martin Lourenz under appreciated? She has no ethics whatsoever. She was the one that helped OJ first call Nicole even though OJ was a married man. She cheated on her husband who was a good man numerous times even producing a child from one of the affairs. She treated Bruce like a pos and has molded her daughters into dressing and undressing like hoes. Are you kidding me??

    • yeah she had to, because the police left it there after they had gone through the house to collect evidence! its in her book, you should read it

    • Back then police wouldn’t clean the mess as they do now due to lack of resources..same thing when the Manson followers killed Sharon Tate… her husband had to clean her and his unborn sons blood off the floor.. so sad 😞

  3. That would of Been horrifying going to the place where your best friend was murdered! Reliving it! Murder isn’t just the victims, its the friends, the kids, the family, whole situation is evil!

  4. i thought she was gonna say, it matched oj’s, but she said jello and now am crying 😂

  5. the camera man must have been hungry because he zoomed in on the pasta (i would’ve done that to even if i wasn’t hungry) #relatable

    • I think they’re low key promoting the restaurant coz they showed the name at the beginning.

  6. Even though it’s tragic, Kris is an incredible storyteller. I could listen to her talk for hours.

  7. Very endearing to see Kris talk so highly of her ex. You could tell she loved him and cared for him.

    • ItsVeachieBro she should have loved him enough not to have several affairs with other men during their marriage

    • Never said their marriage was endearing. People can become better friends after they divorce. My dad cheated on my mom, they divorced, but they still remained friends. I’m glad they did. My parents had been friends their entire lives, were married for 16 years, and had two children between them. You can’t just stop and become strangers after that. Kris and Rob needed to divorce, but Kris still cared about Robert as a friend and former spouse.

  8. It’s so sad cause you can clearly see in Kris’s eyes that the “jello” thing still bothers her because deep down she knows/believes it wasn’t that. Especially after looking at it for long enough, I’m pretty sure she would have been able to decipher on her own if it was actually jello. Jello and blood have 2 completely different consistencies and looks to them.

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