Jared Leto Macks on Emilia Clarke | E! Entertainment

The "Dallas Buyers Club" actor has the hots for the "Game of Thrones" beauty! See their awkward exchange at the 2014 SAG Awards.


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Jared Leto Macks on Emilia Clarke | E! Entertainment


  1. Tread carefully Jared Leto… the next time you attempt bang her….. I swear on the 7 kingdoms I’m going to take a Dothraki Arakh and cut off your hair.

    If you like your long hair stay away from my Khaleesi!

    • I think she knew Emilia was gonna have a busy night. Executive Producer probably in her ear too telling her to just interview Leto.

    • I agree too! I don’t think she was rushing Emilia they have to go on to the next reporter…Emilia was a good sport about it. I hate when people read to much into something this was a cool encounter.

    • Profesor N. my sister got blocked by the E! News twitter account because of some comment she made about her. They’re really protective of her it’s crazy

    • I don’t think she was really trying to kick her out. Based on the beginning, it seemed like she was finishing up with Emilia when Jared’s people brought him over, so she was supposed to switch to interviewing Jared, but after introducing them, they decided to stay together, lol.

  2. jared leto and emilia clarke are cute together XD I mean I know it’s awkward but they would be cute couple.

  3. Oh i ship this like crazy. Their babies would have the most beautiful eyes and best hair in the known universe!!

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