KUWTK | Rob & Chyna’s Drama Worries Kim Kardashian | E!

Why did Rob Kardashian delete his pics of Blac Chyna? Kim K. and Scott Disick fear the worst on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Rob & Chyna's Drama Worries Kim Kardashian | E!


  1. All the Kardashians act so old now. They used to chase each other around the house screaming and laughing. Now they have real issues like getting robbed lmao.

    • No matter what they’ll all be ugly except for Kendall bc they are all plastic. Well Kourtney jst did her boobs but she’s getting worst with age & Kylie did get better with surgery as she was ”ok” looking before but give it time for that too

    • are you still going on about how you find them ugly/terrible/whatsoever? You’re free to refrain from watching their content, at least on the internet (probably harder to dodge on TV).

    • +ivoryvignettes Lol, well that ur right about. On tv it’s nearly impossible to avoid this idiotic family. Think they bought the rights to E! news or something…. Well they do show up on my recommended videos too. Ur right I dnt have to click but I dnt watch really. Jst comment

    • +keepin itreal i can only imagine that especially in english speaking countries it must be hard dodging them – I’m in Germany and there’s rarely anything about them and we have only few gossip mags/shows. lol

    • @ivoryvignettes Yeah, I’ve been there before & saw nothing of the K’s. Europeans just dont like garbage reality shows that’s why. I praise them for that

  2. OMG, The Kardashians are getting so boring now …. i loved how they where back in the days on season 4-5-6… Now they are just older and have kids i can’t relate to them anymore…. +++ toooo much drama

  3. Rob is so annoying and crazy. If he has a problem with his girlfriend why distance himself from his family and vice versa. He has no communication skills at all what so ever and it’s crazy and annoying.

    • +keepin itreal also what point are you proving? Ok so you think Rob is being abused go cry for him in corner. He’s, happy, rich, lazy and gets everything he wants. Feel bad for people with actual problems. You sound crazy.

    • +Jessica Hello U think you’re the only one that can get violent? Lmao, please!! My moms from Queens so don’t try me either. I stand corrected not ALL of you are rude but the majority are. Mainly the ones from the Bronx, Queens, & Brooklyn. Upstate New York ppl are nicer. I sound crazy because I feel sorry for this kid? Who cares if he’s rich!! Doesn’t give this ghetto former stripper the right to abuse him. Rich ppl have feelings to. Since when does being rich or poor matter? It’s not about how much u have in the bank account but who u are as a person

    • +Jessica Hello Lol, I’m a low life yet you don’t know a thing about me? ”Good one” lol, only one cheated on him & she wasn’t even white. He’s dated plenty good girls not abusive & bad temper like Tyga described Chyna in his interview. Um if u were that big of a fan you’d know HE cheated on his gf before Rita & she left him. He got cheated on which is his karma & with this chick he doesn’t love her for the 4th time. He’s only marrying her bc he knocked her up. He was gonna marry the last girl he knocked up but she lost the baby & he barely knew her. Please! Rob isn’t that low class to like this slob that doesn’t know how to eat right. No wonder he doesn’t take her to fancy restaurants. Lol, I’d be mortified if I were him

    • +Porsche Weaver So bc he defends her must mean he loves her right? Still doesn’t show love for her nor does she. She told Kim ”Rob doesn’t think I love him” & I can see why he would think that. We want them to break up not bc we dnt want him to be happy. But he’s not which is the thing. We see the crappy way she treats him & we know he doesn’t love her either so that’s why. No one had a problem when he was dating Adrienne bc that was real love & respect. Something these two dnt have for each other.Rob also never checked her phone bc he loved & trusted her. There is no love if there is no trust ever heard of that?

    • +keepin itreal Rob and Chyna are happy, and that’s all that matters. GOD bless them and their union.

    • Van Der Woodsen hi im from another Future chyna would get back together with him… this tea is getting real hot🥵

  4. I’m not surprised if he would leave chyna in the middle of the night while the baby is crying all because they had a disagreement over the way they should change the baby’s pamper.

    • I mean w/ the shitty way she treats him kicking him outta the house every other day, talking bad about him to her ghetto friends, mocking his chemical imbalance TO HIS FACE like some type of bully, throws the flowers he bought her into the swimming pool, barely wants to be around him, curses, insults, & yells at this poor kid while licking her greasy chicken covered fingers in the car screaming at him w/ her mouth full like some ghetto slob w/ no manners. So I wouldn’t blame him. Wat he needs to do is leave her & jst send checks & this ghetto show needs to be cancelled for his sake & the ppl -_-

    • Ediana Ventrice he’s so babied by Kris I wouldn’t be surprised either lol they’re all in their 30s but they act like they’re 18 smh

    • +Margie None of them are babied except Rob though. Yea, the others act immature & spoiled feeling entitled to everything too but at least they do things for themselves & not have mommy buy them their companies or houses at 30 -_-

  5. At first I felt bad for Rob, but honestly he’s just ridiculously lazy. There is so much opportunity to get help and better himself but he wants to hide and have everyone try to find him. Childish af

    • If you are really far down, it can feel like nobody will be able to help you. And if you are not open or ready to receive help, even the best therapist in the world will not be able to help you. Sometimes, what you need is time alone, self-reflection and working out your demons, or talking to someone who understands. Having the courage to face them. The thing is, most therapists have never been in that situation so even though they logically understand, and can give you tools, it is going to take time, often years. Many people seem to think that a few sessions with a therapist will fix things right away. But some things will take years, and requires a lot of focus and mental energy. In a bad enovirement, that is almost impossible. And focusing on anything else (social life and training) can be so draining, that you completely crash, if you do too much. It can be hard for others to understand, even if they mean well. From someone who have been at rock bottom, I really hope he will be able to do that.

    • He could get in shape and make crazy money. I mean his sisters used to be the face of some diet pill

  6. Kim is so dang beat it doesn’t even make sense! She looks GREAT!!! Go head sis.

    • She looked better in her early 20’s but of course she got knifed up like Khloe and Kylie. Rob and Chyna is an awful show btw -__- too ghetto

  7. I feel “black china” worships the kardashians she just can’t ignore kim’s call 😂

  8. I love when blac chyna was confiding in Kim and Scotts agreeing like “yeah you’re preaching to the choir. We know” 😂😂😂

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