KUWTK | Scott Disick Misses Kourtney K. and the Kids | E!

Should Scott consider a new line of work to get back in touch with his family? Khloé Kardashian has advice on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Scott Disick Misses Kourtney K. and the Kids | E!


  1. I still find it weird that Kourt’s ex spend so much time with her family. I understand being there for the kids but spending time with her other family members outside of the kids is weird.

    • Scott is their family at this point. Khloe most likely considers him as a brother/brother in law at this point, even if Scott is no longer with Kourtney. They’ve been there for him when no one else has. It makes complete sense to me why they’d still hang out.

    • heatsd well his parents both died, he has no siblings, and now his only alive direct relatives are his kids. He’s also known them for ten years too. He’s family. My dad and mom are divorced but my mom still talks to his family and vice versa. That’s just how family works.

    • Exactly what all the others said, considering he’s been around for 10 years, it’d be hard to get rid of him even if they wanted to. He’s the father of Kourntey’s children and doesn’t have any family of his own, besides them.

    • His parents are both dead, I don’t think he’s close to his relatives on his parents’ side of the family and he’s known Kourtney and the rest of the family for over a decade.

  2. Wow Khloe looks so different. She kinda talks different too. She looks great but the show really revamped some people lmao.

    • Whitney Lauder she went through a divorce and so many dark things in her life in the past years and you blaming it on “the show”? Everyone changes out of situations in life!

    • Jessika Gaauur it’s mostly the fame changing her trust me I’ve through worse than khloe and I’m still the same person

  3. wow kloe has changed so much!! she used to be so fun and funny, energetic now its like she’s so stiff and uptight

    • Melissa Salguero oh cmon what a load of drape she spent so many episodes complaining about her bf or her bro she’s always worrying

    • Dmahe has changed and she seems to take herself too serious, she used to be fun and funny and full of personality, yeah seems like she is following in Kim’s footsteps. Too bad, hope she realizes being herself is better 😊

  4. Khloe looks so good omg.
    And also i miss Scott and Kourtney being together they were my fav. Kardashian couple!! 🙁

  5. Do these women every dress down??? Scott used to dress like such a pratt, now he’s the only one who dresses casual

  6. You wonder wh the girls in the 80’s weren’t getting std’s like they are today😂😂😂😂

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