KUWTK | Thieves Steal Kris Jenner’s Luggage! | E!

Kim and Kris' Vienna trip goes south when Kris finds her bags ransacked and things are missing on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," Sundays on E!

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KUWTK | Thieves Steal Kris Jenner's Luggage! | E!


  1. That happened to me in Mexico! Some people have no respect for others and only think of themselves.

  2. It sucks having stuff stolen from you, but she sounds so shallow when talking about all of her brand name stuff that’s gone. It’s not like she’s the average working American that can’t afford to replace Chanel shoes.

    • She was just dealing and probably figuring out vocally what she lost. Rather than mentally she did it vocally. I’m sure anyone with those type of items would have done so because as Kim’s manager she does work hard and has collected those items over a period of time. Also just thinking about it now, she went from flight attendant to this lifestyle so she probably appreciated those items quite a bit.

    • Okay people act like they don’t work hard and have to deal with a lot. They stole VERY expensive things. Even if you could afford it, you would be pissed too

  3. I don’t care who you are or what they stole, either way its fucked up and it makes you feel gross and violated.

  4. When I was riding the subway in Italy, someone stole my wallet out of my backpack and it’s the most weirdest, grossest feeling ever. 

    • Its literally the worst in Italy, I went there on a school trip and they literally made us wear our backpacks backwards so we wouldn’t get robbed.

    • The worst is France. The couple we sightsaw with their daughter was almost kidnapped.

  5. “it’s just material things”
    …says the person that cried her eyes out when she lost her diamond earrings after being thrown in the ocean by Kris Humphries in Bora Bora.

  6. Clearly no one commenting has ever had their stuff rifled through and stolen while flying.  It happens all the time and their are actually “rings” of baggage handlers across the country who steal to sell it or just to keep for themselves.  That is what I was told when it happened to me.  I can’t stand Kris as much as the next person but I can relate to going through everything out loud so you know exactly what’s been taken and feeling very violated that someone was just rummaging through my bags on a shopping spree for the things I worked hard for.  Plus, what woman doesn’t pack their favorite clothes and even extras for a trip.  Imagine how you’d feel if someone just helped themselves to your favorites because they could.  Granted, I didn’t have the high priced stuff she has but it still sucked to have my things stolen.  I’m not saying all baggage handlers do this but there are some that do, like the ring of thieves that was busted from Hartford/Bradley airport in CT.  I always travel with my favs and valuables in my carry on and if they don’t fit-it’s not going…all thanks to a bunch of thieves who wanted things without working for them.  It’s just gross that people even do that to others.

    • +Suk MaDiq That isn’t the point. It is the fact that her privacy was violated, and as someone who is wealthy and has been robbed, it doesn’t matter what they took, it matters that it is an extremely disgusting feeling to have been violated like that. She even says it.

  7. “they’re just material things”
    i’m sorry, did we forget about Kim’s panic attack over a losing a diamond earing in the ocean??

  8. I love how Kim says there are only material things especially when she had a BF over those earrings she lost in the water while swimming lol

    • because kims was caused by horseplay, and kris’ was caused by someone robbing her. 2 different reasons

    • It’s because they have feelings for their things and kris having her stuff stolen doesn’t automatically mean that she can buy new things the point is that they value their possessions like others and really care for them

  9. I totally get where Kris is coming from and Kim was right when she said they were just material things. It’s not about what was stolen, it’s the fact that some stranger had the audacity to just take something of yours that you paid for and is of value to you and had no respect for your property. The way I look at it is, you wouldn’t like it if I took something of yours so why take something of mine? I’ve had things stolen from me and I’ve caught a person on one occasion trying to steal something from me and it angers me greatly because I know if I took something of theirs that they worked for they’d pitch a nasty fit, so why touch my things?! It’s not about materialism, it’s the principle of it.

  10. Why airlines does this stuff? Luggage transfer should be properly monitored. We were stolen from and we flew British airways and they denied completely

  11. Kim is chill with this situation versus her loosing her diamond earrings in the ocean.

  12. Kim may not be the most liked person in the world but I really do enjoy the sound of her voice

  13. if you saw the whole thing, Kris said it’s not about the materials it’s about the feeling, the feeling of someone stealing from you is a big feeling. Yes she knows she can buy it again, but all she is talking about is the feeling she had.

    • Ember Styles bruh it is a horrible feeling my notebook got stole and i dont know who took it i started freaking out i had so manythings i written down in it that was important i couldnt stop thinking about it and it made me question everything i try to live a peacful happy life but people are so carless i wanna slam their phones on the ground and beat them up so bad that they go to the hospital and have an hour long lecture with them

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