KY Prosecutor Seeks Prison Sentences Over Threats On MAGA Hat Teen’s School | TMZ

The Kentucky prosecutor investigating vicious threats against Nick Sandmann's high school wants to punish anyone threatening physical harm against the school … with prison time!!!


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    • +ANDREW KNIGHT way to make Trump the centre of your universe….lol

  1. A White Kid staring down a old man playing the drum and then says” The Black Guys made me do it”😀😀😀😀 White Logic is Nauseating

    • Pete I’m complete far from racist and from every report I’ve came across. The KID were on a trip saw the Indian man beating his drums chanting and they went to him with name calling harassment etc. which is completely wrong. And if the kids are getting death threats THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG AS WELL 2 wrong won’t make a right. BUT those young white boys and some men have no remorse for the actions that took place that day. So kids can pick on a defenseless old man but when it’s the other way around it’s a issue ?

    • Underrated Kennel the Indian approached the kids… have you not watched the video? Stop believing the crap leftist media feeds you and start thinking for yourself

    • So the white kids should respect people who are homophobic? And who also called one of the black kid “coon” just for being there? The 4 black guys said that gays shouldn’t have rights. You want the kids to respect that?

  2. Looks like virtual reality and reality are about to collide. Keyboard warriors and Twitter trolls are in for a BIG surprise.

  3. I thought there were already laws on the books making it illegal for adults to approach minors in public in a confrontational manner. They should pursue full legal remedies against those despicable racist blacks for their vile taunting racist filth & the racist ndn’s for yelling at the minors to go back to Europe.

    • Any One no idea where you heard that. Being confrontational is not and should not be illegal

    • *Dispicable Racists

      No need to add a race. Racism is bad enough not to preface it with a race

    • Fine Art Connection Democrat’s is such a broad term, please refrain from grouping an entire people under a radical side of a political view, thank you. Democrats tend to follow suit in action based on Republicans course of action. Anything the far right does the far left attempts to mimic in order to balance out or to get an equal outcome. I’m going to post once again with a video to put things into perspective.

    • Don’t be idiot and please quit drinking that Trump Koolaid if your going to have a free country your going to have to educate yourself and work for the common good

  4. Yeah, that makes sense. Imprison people over social media post, but not a cop when they are on video murdering and unarmed citizen.

    • @Corey J Not at all. To sit by and accept / approve of an injustice, is unpatriotic, and the act of a coward. We all need more SJW’ing. Just because I was only able to find one unarmed citizen in Kentucky shot by the police, does not negate the need for SJW’s. Should we stop trying to improve health care, the school system, while preventing homelessness, and the legalized murder of the citizens? No! BTW, hiding in a closet does not give the cops the right to shoot you,. The story I read said she shot him just as she was saying, “show me your hands”. Also, the juries that find the cops, “not guilty” when they break their oath/ violate the law, are immoral human beings, incapable of emapthy.

    • @Corey J I looked a little further into it, since you do not see the need for SJW’s.

      Officer Sarah Stumler was never indicted by the grand jury, so it is not true that it was put before a jury.

      In 1994, the unarmed 18 year old Tony Sullivan was murdered by Sgt. Phil Vogel in Lexington KY. Vogel was not indicted or criminally charged, as he claimed it to be an accident. The average citizen cannot accidentally murder another citizen, and not get indicted.

      In 2016, The unarmed, mentally ill, Gregory Harrison was murdered by officer, Keith Casada of Bowling Green KY, even though he was more than 70 feet from the closest officer and had made no threatening movement towards police.

      I’m sure I could find more, if time was on my side. However, I encourage you to pick up the honor, and badge of being a SJW, so that together, we can make this world a better place.

    • +Otis B …Um how do you think grand juries work? The case is brought before them. This is YouTube, not court, so I used jury to mean grand jury you pedantic fool.

    • +Otis B Sorry but I will cut off my nuts before I cut off my nuts to become a simp SJW. As a Black man in America, my life is war enough with deciding whether I want to make the quick trip to Starbucks or the fancier coffee place downtown.

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