Kyle & Chris Massey — Yeah, We Got Scars After Twist Brawl, But … | TMZ

Chris Massey has a swollen face and a gash on his head after a brawl with Lil Twist — but he and his bro Kyle Massey aren't backing the bus over Justin Bieber's pal … not yet, anyway.

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Kyle & Chris Massey — Yeah, We Got Scars After Twist Brawl, But … | TMZ


  1. These guys are so happy that the paparazzi are interested in them for once, that they don’t know what to do with themselves.

    • Whaaaat? They don’t look happy at all, they’re just trying to brush them off, and rightly so. I mean TMZ is so annoying and they always ask stupid questions. They are a joke as far as news sources go, so it’s best not to take anything they do seriously

  2. When guys act super cocky and egotistical like this, I cant express enough how much of a turn off it is and how stupid they look.
    They were trying WAY too hard to be “cool”.

    • Ah….I just love the YouTube commenting system. So easy to delete all the stupid assholes who reply to your comment. 🙂 

      **deletes all irrelevant comments**

    • +Savage Gamer People ARE leaving stupid comments you mean?
      Yes they are, but its not a problem. Too easy to delete them. 

    • Celebrities do this. It’s their business and it’s best to not comment on them. There’s noting wrong with what they’re doing. 

    • +Sirmel11 Celebrities chose to lay out their lives for the public to openly speculate and comment on. If they don’t want people talking about their scandalous behavior they shouldn’t be doing scandalous crap in public. Period.

  3. I wish commenters what look at the bigger picture and stop labeling these guys as arrogant pricks, it’s quite obvious that they didn’t wanna talk about the incident and the paparazzi guy why being very annoying and persistent about. Any other guy like myself would’ve knocked him out which is what he would want to get money from sueing me but they did the right thing.

    • What are u talkin about? they made themselves look like dickheads. It would have been way more cool if they just walked away instead of talking about his watch and tryna stunt on the camera man. And all this after u got beaten up by lil twist?? Haha these guys are the definition of lame.

    • +Richard Sherman it IS pathetic the way they’re handling it.The pressing charges thing is whatever,they were child actors all their life BUT it’s the way they avoid questions,looking off when they’re talking and just their body language in general.Everything about them screams Beta Male lol

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