Lee Daniels Addresses Damon Dash, Throws Shade At Monique and Talks His Legacy | Raq Rants

Raquel Harper sits down with Lee Daniels to address owing Damon Dash 2 million dollars, shades Monique and talks about his legacy.


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  1. What he is failing to mention is that Dame sued him, won and was suppose to give Dame 5% of future endeavors. Forget all this investment talk run that man his money.

    • JuiceMainDaGrouch that’s what I told my wife white we were watching this crap interview

    • The way Lee puts it, it was an investment, but I don’t know if I can trust what he’s saying

    • Lee jus tryna cover his shame. No one runs up on you for an investment gone wrong. It was a loan.

    • JuiceMainDaGrouch Hell yes the streets don’t invest but loan & you better believe they want they money back. Pay this man.

  2. Terrible interview. He himself said he was wrong. Step your game up Raquel. The word is neutrality!

    • Why the hate….she is not a interviewer but a girl who was given a chance to do something…..why cant you just support that.

    • Social media has lowered the professional standards to be an interview host. Everybody and their momma wants to be in front of that camera.

    • She is just about the most horrible interviewer I have seen in awhile. This is like his fan club President interviewing him.

  3. This interviewer needs to be fired, she is horrible. TMZ should keep her off camera

  4. This woman is messy. He at least is coming clean without so much ego.
    Pay the man.
    It is only right.

  5. Halley Berry was not the first African American nominated for an academy award, what drugs is this fool on

  6. Lee, please leave the Billie Holiday story alone. Diana Ross and Billy dee Williams don’t need u messing it up

  7. She’s clearly biased and her questions and comments were slanted. Not a good interviewer at all

  8. Lee Daniels knew this interviewer wasn’t going to ask the true questions we want to be answered. That’s why he chose to the interview with her. All the outlets he could’ve gone to (because everybody was talking about it) he chose not to because he knew they were going to ask questions from an unbiased place. That’s my opinion anyways.

  9. Nig! How many times you put on and take off them glasses either you gonna wear them or not btch nig and pay Dame his money before you come up short 🔫 sweet daniels…

  10. Dash should have not have to ask for him money,Lee u should have paid up no justifying it

  11. Lee just pay up and stop talking about it. Raquel stop defending Lee. Wrong Is Wrong , Right Is Right.

  12. Definitely not a good interviewer. And Monique was mad because she was only paid 50k from a 10 million budget but the movie end up making over 46 million. I would be pissed about that too!!!

    • Alicia James…did u hear him say….after Dash went off on him,he realized he owe him his money 1 million…what the hell…dirty as they come😕😒

  13. Shout to all the heterosexual males that’s catching hell for standing up against the machine. Such as Dame.

  14. I really don’t like how biased she is in interviewing him. I don’t think she’s a good interviewer and her star-gazing is ruining what could be a fruitful conversation.

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