Lil Wayne — Short on Memory… but HILARIOUS! | TMZ

It's the most entertaining legal proceeding — possibly ever! In a videotaped deposition … Lil Wayne — who is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary about him — says he can't remember ANYTHING — but what he DOES remember is hysterical.

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Lil Wayne — Short on Memory… but HILARIOUS! | TMZ


  1. Thats in a song! as he stated in an interview “if it rhymes then its gold, I dont mean nothing about it”

    • When he attended a magnet school and got a 4.0gpa and graduated college, please he is just naturally gifted with that ancient afican soul he got. King status.

    • LOL, you have your way of thinking and I have mine, lets not have bitching contest over it.

    • +HJ10 Why does it matter if he does drugs? Are you one of those “drugs are bad” people whose ideology is founded on bullshit assumptions, with no scientific validity? Clearly you have no clue about drugs, or for instance you’d know opiates like codeine are not neurotoxic and therefore would not cause damage to your mind. Habitual Cocaine use has a possibility of temporarily down regulating dopamine receptors, which might make you feel like crap for a bit, but has absolutely zero impact on your intellect. Do some research before you speak, it would help you immensely.

  2. I’ve said this on another “Lil Wayne” youtube vid…..I’ve no real idea who he is ( A “Rapper” i think?)….Anyway…The point i’m making is that when he puts that white hood up…he really does look like E.T. (He really does)

  3. He’s not short on memory, the questions are very convoluted and meant to trip the person responding.  Anyone who has been questioned like this knows these questions are written in a way that make you say the wrong thing or say too much.  He’s just being smart with the guy.

  4. When a mfs ask me how I’m doing with my New Years resolutions this how imma answer they questions
    Happy 2018

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