Ludacris — Baby Mama Claims He Made Me Play Let’s Make an Abortion Deal | TMZ

Ludacris' baby mama testified in court that it's ridiculously ludicrous he's fighting for full custody of their daughter, because he desperately wanted her to have an abortion to the point he even bribed her.


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Ludacris — Baby Mama Claims He Made Me Play Let's Make an Abortion Deal | TMZ


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  2. So instead of having safe sex and using condoms, he rather take the risk of getting a woman knocked up and then pressure her to have an abortion. Now he’s trying to take the child away so he doesn’t have to pay. What a monster.

    • humanparadox The courts should have both parents on child support. They both made the baby, they both should be held accountable in the court of law

    • Hakim Hasan The sad part is, there are actually laws that allow these IMMORALLY, DEGENERATIVE, IGNORANT & OPPORTUNISTIC acts to take place

    • Hakim Hasan I don’t think the general public would appreciate the depths of responsibility. Too many people want handouts, and the judicial system enables it

    • biobele william-west For the time lost & embarrassment caused, that should be the verdict

  3. When are these celebs going to learn. These women intentionally get knocked up to take their money.

  4. When are men going to smarten up and wear a condom. So many athletes go broke because they have many babies with different mothers and each one has to be paid.

  5. I guess some of these famous men haven’t learn anything from Terrell Owens and the ladies haven’t learn anything from Steve Harvey’s ex-wife. smdh

    • +MegaQueenofbeauty Terrel Owens has to pay childsupport to all 4 baby mothers and now he’s broke. Steve Harvey’s ex-wife tried to get custody for her boys but she lost. 

    • +TheUniqueGemini 4 baby mothers and I bet they’re all black only black women are that stupid.

  6. she’s lying right off the bat. you don’t have morning sickness the morning after “contraception” your not even pregnant at that point. it takes 72 hours for semen to make its way to the egg, and break the eggs barriers and merge to become become a zygote. and even then, it would take 2-3 weeks for your body to start showing symptoms like morning sickness.

  7. LADIES & GENTLMEN.. this is a lesson for all to be careful with who you choose to lay with and wife up.

  8. “The reason gold-diggers trivialize relationships is because they do not know love, they only know money.”

    Moffat Machingura

  9. Um doesn’t it take 72 hours after unprotected sex to get pregnant?. Also if this happened close to the time she would normally get her period she would have a high level of a hormone called hcg (I think that’s the name). If you take a pregnancy test close to or when you are on your period it will come out positive.

    If this is true, this is very unsettling because when you get an abortion you run the risk of not being able to have children in the future. At the same time I can’t believe she would go along with it and agree to get one because she was asked to.

  10. I feel he did this to save face because he got caught cheating and not to have to pay child support. They really haven’t mentioned why or how she wasn’t a good parent to her child. Plus who sleeps with randoms without a condom, especially if you’re famous? That was trifling on his part.

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