Lori Loughlin and Daughter Isabella Shopping During College Admission Scandal | TMZ TV

Lori Loughlin and Daughter Isabella Shopping During College Admission Scandal


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    • Lol just kick them out of school ffs not like she killed someone 20 years is TOO MUCH…chill out its only 2 ppl she who couldnt get in because of her

    • Last week i jay walked and a few nights ago i downloaded a movie i serously doubt i need to go to jail

  1. Lori Loughlin and her two daughter took college spots away from people that rightfully earned them. This is not a victimless crime.

    • First Last blame the schools as well for taking those spots from people who deserved it. the schools want money and these famous people have it.

    • +A Google User Agreed, all involved should be put in prison including the children.

  2. Seems that they feel they are entitled and it’s all a joke because they are actors. Remember that actors quack like a duck and act like a duck for the people. They show no remorse and seem very confident that money will get them out of their crimes. Well, let see about that. She, her husband and complicit daughters are pathetic! Wouldn’t watch anything they were in now.

    • Squared Circle Squares you right they buy there way out of jail time. Not fair this justice system

  3. She probably already knows she’s bought and paid for.Attack against rich people he says ? Rich or poor , you do the( crime )s , you do the time like anyone else ” should .” The average person would do more time for Jay walking three times during a year .

  4. She is showing a sense of entitlement – just the same sense of entitlement that led her to think she could pay big money to get her daughter into USC – depriving a hard working applicant of a place. This woman does not look concerned.

  5. It is not about going after the rich, it is about equal justice.

    On a side note, it is obvious that Loughlin doesn’t even care. She needs to learn a lesson.

    • Exactly. African Americans are routinely excused as being products of their environment. This rich woman too is a product of her environment. Imagine if it were Oprah how much different the public would react.

    • Donald Ducko I don’t think Oprah would get a pass by the public. I think most people are fed up with the wealthy buying their way out.

  6. She doesn’t take any of charges serious maybe she should spend time in prison. Maybe she’ll learn not to take her life for granted.

  7. No jail time if rich they cut deals, poor max time what a shame our justice system.

  8. Lori also took the tax write off for Singer’s fake unprivileged charity. So laugh it up Lori 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤪🤬

  9. Same for Jussie. But he walked. He is right. This is about going after a rich WHITE person. If she were Oprah people would be reacting much differently.

  10. Lock her up! Lock her up!
    I just used this as a life lesson. Rich people pay thru life an us normal people earn our way.

  11. Rather than waste a whole day thinking about how Lori Loughlin may get a bum deal, that TMZ Pr**k should be spending much more time thinking about all the homeless people on skid row and come up with a plan to give them jobs, food, sanitation and homes.

  12. Rich people get away with everything. And that needs to stop. We need an overhaul of our legal system.

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