Mac Miller’s Cause of Death Was Fentanyl and Cocaine | TMZ

Mac Miller died from a mix of fentanyl and cocaine … TMZ has learned.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office released its toxicology findings, and according to the report Mac died from "mixed drug toxicity" — specifically fentanyl, coke … and alcohol too. The Coroner categorized his death as an accidental overdose.


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  1. I don’t know Mac Miller but to hear that he died in a praying positions rips my heart out. Dear god please take good care of his soul 🙁

  2. Kinda figured it was Fent. I wonder if he knew It was in there or if it was a cut job.

    • He tried to kill himself I think but I’m pretty sure someone laced it in his cocaine. I assume he knew he was gonna die by just taking the cocaine and alcohol so that’s why he was praying for forgiveness I guess.

    • That was my 1st thought too. I’m betting it was cut because from my understanding even long time drug users don’t do speedballs with fentanyl unless you’re just suicidal which Mac wasn’t. There are so many people dying from opiates cut with Fentanyl and now the cocaine is cut with it too.

    • Nah I mean drug users do use fentanyl. Since they have such a tolerance it’s not like a non addicted person doing it. But since he was speedballing w the coke and fent and also drinking, I’m assuming the coke was cut w the fent. Speedballing causes a lot of deaths. Traditional speedball being coke and heroin. But nowadays you see more Xanax involved with opiates/opioids. Either way, super sad. One of the coolest dudes out there.

    • Heather Hefner “I’m the only suicidal person with a smile on” c’mon now…it’s written in the songs

    • If it wasn’t for the drug war we wouldn’t have synthetic garbage like fentanyl around. Think

    • Drugs are part of human culture. The Myians used drugs, Jesus drank alcohol.

      Keep dreaming in your fantasy world. Of you drink or take Tylenol (which cause more death than Fentanyl) than your not very well educated on this matter.

    • As long as you vote democrat your fentanyl will be flowing thru the southern border unimpeded

  3. & Scott Gottlieb & the FDA are worried about Kratom!?????! 🤷🏻‍♂️Really? Kratom??

  4. My mans mixed 3 drugs together & knew what was going to happen. lmao

    This aint no accident.

  5. The words “found in a praying position” really got me, he must have known he was gonna die. Hope you found peace Mac, fly high.

    • cecedoll88 exactly …trying to get extra album sales in.. praying postion… lol…from now on TMZ is gonna have to say the position t they found everyone….they found rosie Odonnel in the doggie position…..john rzeznik in the missionary position. …. cory in the wheel barrel position…..i.d.i.o.t.s.

    • +Sea Breez Depends on the drug, something like cocaine could cause a heart attack since it raises your heart rate and blood pressure, but something like Fentanyl slows down your heart rate and breathing (sometimes to the point of stopping it). So being on both at once is rough on your system, and adding alcohol to the mix definitely doesn’t help the situation.

  6. I doubt he was taking fentanyl by itself it must’ve been laced in the coke he was doing.

    • +Whitney Lang Probably because you have a low IQ, cant grasp any complex social issues because you grew up in a low end education system & cant porcess the complexity of mental health & its correlation to drug use.

      You’re worse than a drug addict, you’re a sociopath with anti-social behaviour & a low mental capacity for information retention.

      Good luck in life, you’re going to need it scumbag.

  7. Maybe he knew he was gonna go so he wanted to pray to god or anyone up above to either help him or take him with them my god this just breaks my heart even more

  8. Just don’t do drugs. Not worth your life, or destroying the life of those around you.

    • Not everything is that black and white. I can say “never eat shitty food, it’s bad for you, it’s that simple” but if you’re around people who eat McDonald’s everyday it becomes a lot harder. Not everyone is surrounded with people who aren’t addicts. Especially people in that industry, almost everyone does drugs.

    • You’ve never experienced molly. I can buy tons of molly for a cheap price. So it’s hard to resist that feeling of pure ecstasy

  9. “Found him in a praying position”. God take care of that young soldier he lost his way but he’s home now , 🙏🏾 .

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