Mark Wahlberg Denies Using Steroids, Claims He’s ‘All Natural’ | TMZ

Mark Wahlberg denies being a customer for steroids … saying his yolked bod is "all natural" and a result of "hard work."


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  1. his got a good head on his shoulders, F what others say about him, I believe he telling the truth

    • that’s why he threw rocks at school children and called them racist names and also beat a man within an inch of his life, then expected a judge to pardon his record because he is famous now…….look it up

  2. Mark is like, “I’ve never used steroids and I’ll never do it again!”

    • Jehdi dude, there’s something called LAW.

      The possession or sale of anabolic steroids without a valid prescription is illegal. Simple possession of illicitly obtained anabolic steroids carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a minimum $1,000 fine if this is an individual’s first drug offense.

      Discussion is over.

      Of course if police finds drugs in those Hollywood actors theyr gonna be arrested prosecuted and judged etc etc

    • ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn i dont understand how the man’s hormone testosterone is illegal. If you got caught with estrogen pills that weren’t prescribed to you nothing would happen. Trans people used to have to get it underground. But somehow a mans hormone is bad… if someone wants to inject mass amounts of our own hormone that our body produces than so what? Laws should also be questioned not just followed blindly. Alcohol is legal and kills thousands every year including innocent people that got involved in car crashes. Testosterone hasnt killed anyone or does it negatively affect anyone other than the user. Its our right to do whatever we want to ourselves as long as it doesn’t impact anyone else negatively in a physical or financial way. The government is not your big brother.

  3. I really wouldn’t care what somebody else puts in there body. Drugs steroids etc its not my problem.

  4. Man all these people says it has too be steriods don’t know what they are talking about. That physic is not unrealistic for a natural… image he has all the resources in the world to achieve a body like that

    • GoStar Just because he isn’t huge doesn’t mean he isn’t on steroids bud. He’s currently 46 and there’s no way in hell he made that recomp in such a short time… Especially since he has so many years of training behind him.

    • But you are forgetting 1 important detail. Mark is 46. You don’t grow muscle after 36 without trt

    • Hahahaha no bro he takes steroids. Remember when you where jerking off to his funky bunch album? Well how does a 20 year old get the muscle mass of a 30 year old on steroids then keep it for 20+ years???? By taking steroids dude. Marky Mark is gonna lie to you buddy but you don’t have to lie to yourself.

    • +Neo X1 you sound uneducated with regards to gear bro. You can put on ALOT of muscle with roids in 12 weeks. Especially someone of his caliber and connections. Research steroids and little bit more and dont be so naive.

    • +BOB BOB for that movie no he was kinda chunky if he was on steroids hed have less fat on him

    • RedPill SavedByGrace you do realise there are different types of steroids, mark wouldn’t do blood doping would he’s not an endurance athlete dummy

    • RedPill SavedByGrace plus even with steroids you still have to train a certain way to look a certain way, you can’t do then for example cycle for hours on end and look like a bodybuilder, even though Lance Armstrong didn’t do tren

  5. He don’t even have a steroid body, you see people his size and a little bigger everyday

  6. Anyone who goes gym will know that’s not a steroid body. He used to look big when he was younger too. He’s got the money for a dietitian and trainer.

  7. Mark Walhberg has always been into fitness and has alway been the same size. Only out of shape who don’t work out accuse people of using roids

    • u r fucking stupid hes lost atleast 20 pounds since pain and gain he may be natty now

    • you must not train.. if 5’8 170 is steroids to you then idk what to say. He’s been training for 30 years… Not to mention the older you get the more you fill out. So mix 30 years of hard training and eating, and natural filling out with age… you’re gonna look good. If he was juicing he would look waaaayyy different. His short bone structure and genetics are also made for muscle.

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