Martin Luther King III Says His Dad Would View Trump Shutdown as ‘Inhumane’ | TMZ

Martin Luther King III begs to differ with Vice President Pence, who said Trump is honoring MLK's legacy by pushing for the border wall.


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  1. I always wonder, as us the people, what can we do to make the country better if the government is in a situation like this.

  2. Fake weak-a*s Martin Luther, with extended puffy cheeks. Lying on the grave of a legend.
    It is amazing how life time heroes give birth to weaklings.

  3. Ok now that’s not true, he would understand the true reason the economic reason like how he would

  4. I wish M.L.K. was here today because I feel like he would have still been able to organize something to make a true difference. Happy 90th Birthday Dr. King!

    • Im shre he would be equally disappointed with the open racism exhibited by other races, that claim they are just speaking ‘truth’ and lets not forget his disappointment in the same government that killed him, flooding the black community with drugs to destabalize it, which is the reason we are in an opioid crisis right now…there would be enough disappointment to go around

    • He would be even more disappointed to know that his dream turned into a nightmare…a burning building

    • rey lewis Gtgoh, give me, give me, give me!! Give him some more food!!! The only dream his adulterous dad had was in the bed with another woman 👩. He never stayed home 🏡.

  5. Maybe your father dr. King wouldn’t see it that way you only say that because you are agreeing with everybody else in the streets and I’ll say it again it’s the Democrats fault because of this shutdown and not the president

    • I’m sorry, but who shut the government down for a useless wall? You Trump Supporters need to stop letting your undying blind loyalty for that man preventing from you see the bigger picture. That wall is not going prevent both Immigrants and drugs from coming into this country

    • You say blacks like one black person can control every black person acts, every one is the same most black people are a product of their environment just like majority of white people are. people never Change 100%

  6. Sad but he would have been more worried about black on black crime confused why after all this year the government looks at everyone that is poor just the same way they did in 1950s to black ppl nothing changed just colors and money

  7. Today when I woke up this Morning I let my friends which mostly are black that I’m truly happy and honor that I have a day off from work because its Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day Yay😁

  8. Please explain to me how open borders will do anything but more harm to the black communities that are already in desperate need of help?

    • No one is advocating for open borders tho. We’re simply against a overly expensive wall (like the one trump wants) that we only be as useful as the fencing we already have.

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