Michael Avenatti Calls Out Jacob Wohl After Felony Domestic Violence Arrest | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Michael Avenatti sure doesn't seem worried about his felony domestic violence arrest, and he's literally pointing the finger at right-wing conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl for what he says is a frame job. Also, Kylie Jenner's video from Dream's second birthday party proves Auntie Kylie is the hostess with the mostest … the mostest cockroaches.


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  1. Harvey be truthful , TMZ was very involved with this story. Wahl and Harvey are huge Trump supporters. This was a hit piece and TMZ and Harvey are complicit in this defemation of Avenatti.

    • I knew plenty of true American Indians in the marines and the last thing they would do is take up for any white man , so fake up another name , I am sure your use of the native America nation is a disgrace to them

    • +F1b3r 0pt1x you didn’t pay attention to the original post , go back its right in front of ya

    • +F1b3r 0pt1x the name is native American and so rude of me, I apologize , I caught like 20 people yesterday using pictures of vets from ww2 and Korean war , claiming to be vets who weren’t , it was like they don’t realize you can picture search , it is just the fake names with fake people , just pisses me off after while and I called them on it for other vets like me who hate people trying to speak for us , one was picture of a dead native American who helped hoist the flag over mt sarabachi <--misspelled , like how fucked up could they be?? , they did it just so they could claim to be vets and make nasty comments to try to make it look like vets hated this or that we don't , unbelievable

    • +F1b3r 0pt1x my condolences my brother passed in sept at 52 he never serves but he was a doctor and a professor and helped anyone he could , not a veteran yet he was a better man than I could hope to be , it always hurts when the world loses good people with all these others still here , sorry for your loss , if you wanna laugh I started a channel and uploaded a test video the other day , check it out

    • im sad. what a good-hearted kind lovely smart young lady since i first seen her in 1990s. i think it was p diddy true love/real love soulmate, even his later gf CASSIE another tall lovely one, he said kim approved of cassie so he probably will raise his cute lil twins with cassie now that kim is too early rip.

      poor kim so lovely.
      tall and pretty model-acting work she has done and most of all a loving person and greatmom, so sad, too young forties smh. rip.

    • Avenatti said that he’s never hit a woman. He didn’t say a woman lied. A “photo” of the “victim” has turned up today. It’s the same photo that was supposed to be Keith Ellison’s abused girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. Image searches have the same photo popping up as long ago as a Russian forum in 2014. There’s still no indication that Avenatti was involved in any domestic dispute last week.

    • +F1b3r 0pt1x So far it’s not looking like any of it is true, except that police had a report, Avenatti was questioned and bailed while they investigate.
      A fake photo of the “victim” showed up today. It’s the same photo that was supposed to be Keith Ellison’s “abused girlfriend” a week or two ago. It has been on the internet on various sites since at least 2014. I found it on a Russian forum dated 2014.

    • Jenny Maher … I’m pretty sure this is a frame job but I can’t find the photo you refer to anywhere. Please post a link

  2. uhhh hey TMZ, i hope you guys arent working with jacob wohl. what a nut case and a prime example of how our educators has failed jacob. someone needs to put him down.

    • +-. -.

      “made millions at age 17”

      – still lives in moms basement
      – sill under his moms phone contract
      – still uses his parents car

      what what do you mean mllions? millions of idiot follows like you? lmao

    • if he “made millions by 17” why is he living with his parents at 20 and using his mothers phone number as his business contact?

    • rickiex must have missed that part when he defrauded investors and ordered a cease and desist…what an upstanding young man.

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  4. 🎡🐜La cooka ra cha la cooka ra cha!🐜🎡 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Not kosher ✑!

  5. I will not watch TMZ anymore. They have no credibility. I didn’t know Harvey Levin is a Trump supporter. TMZ/Levin either did not check their facts or intentionally trumped up (pun intended…) the charge . They said Avennati was charged with a felony. Not true. They said it was for domestic violence against and (in an earlier report) said Avenatti’s exwife was the victim. It is not an ex-wife. NO information has been released that I can find saying who the victim is.

  6. Ann is kidding right,Trumps supporters are giving the nazi hand gesture a nod and a winkπŸ˜‰,as to say we got your back pal..

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