MJ’s Nephew Taj Jackson Slams Accuser Wade Robson Over ‘Leaving Neverland’ | TMZ

Michael Jackson's nephew is bashing Wade Robson — one of MJ's accusers in "Leaving Neverland" — claiming he's only changing his story for revenge over a job … one he didn't get.


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  1. Like, Michael died in 2009, why slander a dead man and try to ruin his legacy? Are people that bored?

  2. Back in the day this guy was at the sleepovers and saw nothing. I truly believe that if something happened, the FBI when they were investigating him would have found it. Wade Robson is a sham

    • +classic 3T was a music group that barely got off the ground. I mean, I wasn’t there so I can’t really say one way or the other what happened. But I don’t believe the accusers. Wade said his mom was in the next room while he was getting molested. Is his mom that stupid? Also he committed perjury if Michael Jackson did do something to him because he said he didn’t in a trial. Either way you look at, it’s bad

    • +Thomas Fraser
      You are wrong-they did ok in the America but 3T did very well overseas. MJ also did more concerts overseas.

    • Thomas think about what you just said “sleepover.” What grown a$$ man have sleep overs with children and allow them to sleep in his bed with him? Im not saying he did anything but lets be real MJ actions & words were inappropriate.
      Watch “Living with Michael Jackson” part 6 (documentary MJ did years ago) and let me know what MJ said was appropriate or not.

    • +Ms BeautyBoss I’m sure that they did. But there’s no way they went on a 50 City tour. Also the time that I’m talking about I believe they were very young and not in that group. Either way I admit that I don’t know what happened but I don’t believe Wades story

    • +Ms BeautyBoss it may have been inappropriate but the parents allowed it. I loved Michael Jackson but I would never have my son around anyone by himself outside the family. My personal belief is that his relationship with kids was because he was awkward and didn’t have a childhood, so kids don’t judge you like adults would. But either way it goes I have no clue if it happened or not I’m just telling you how I feel.

    • because it is a typical behavior of pedophile victims. in 80% of cases, children know the pedophile very well because it’s an uncle, a cousin, a friend etc. and they don’t want him to go to jail for 30 years.

  3. I’m not into blaming dead people when they aren’t able to defend themselves, especially when you had multiple chances when dude was alive to lock him up

    • So if someone is dead, we aren’t allowed to expose his/her crimes?
      Sorry. No.
      Just no.

    • +CaliBC Don’t think that’s what he was saying I think he meant that its fishy how he waited till the dude was dead and unable to defend himself before accusing him of something.

    • +TheRedWolf Yeah, it’s super fishy. Eye roll. Jackson is a known predator of young boys. It’s really not fishy at all.

  4. Wade is lying and has been caught over and over in lies are you serious you are calling this a documentary this is built on lies documentaries based on true life stories not own lies Michael has already been to court over this same old trash and was found not guilty you do not capitalize on that so yes we are lashing out we are tired a people taking Michael kindness for weakness you’re not getting another dime out of Michael we stand together for justice for Michael

  5. Wade “Uncle Pervy” (as he was known to the kids he taught dance to) Robson, conveniently waited the 7 years until the statute was up and he could flip his story without penalty of perjury. He sold his MJ stuff for tens of thousands, shopped (unsuccessfully) his tell-all book, sold his story to the media, tried to extort the MJ Estate, and only THEN did he file a civil case (which turned into 4) and only THEN did Safechuck get on board, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars (some say $1.5B). They have both changed their stories multiple times since 2013. They say it’s “not about the money” and yet are asking for donations (lowest suggested donation is $250) and appealing their multi-million dollar civil case. The media should be giving these jokers NO time whatsoever.

    • Omg! Thank you so much for blessing the people with the truth!! I never believed any of the vicious and obsessive media’s crusade on Michawl Jackson. These people are sick. It’s as if they want him to have molested children because fulfills some sort of sick fantasy they have.

      Thankfully us fans know the truth and will stand for him, even beyond death! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Interesting about the “Uncle Pervy” part. Wade didn’t talk about that in the documentary!!!! I wonder why.

    • If he was called “ uncle Pervy “ where do you think 🤔 this came from? Sexual abuse forms a cycle and unless it’s broken it perpetuates itself.
      Don’t speak unless you’ve lived through this, you have NO CLUE what someone goes through there entire life after being a child victim of sexual abuse.

    • Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS do victims of child sexual abuse actively seek out their attacker, in terms of begging for tickets for their funeral, doing dance tributes with their sister, constantly seeking inclusion within their inner sphere?

      Please don’t insult the very real trauma of true victims by allowing this clear money grubbing scheme to cloud your judgment. A person being strange doesn’t correlate to deviant sexual expressions. I don’t know why people don’t understand this

    • +Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS bs he testified under oath and has been asked since he was a child did mj molest him and he always said no. He was the first star witness in the 05 trial. I sympathize with children that have been abused but I just don’t believe me was that way.

  6. Wade now understands that Hollywood wants nothing to do w/ him unless he’s smearing Mr. Jackson’s name. He *has been* (no pun intended) trying for years and he’s only landed dancing gigs. He’s pathetic. I hope he’s getting everything that he wants out of this. King is dead in his casket where he _cain’t_ say a word to first and it’s just not good enough. That’s what I keep trippin’ off of. The powers that be got what they wanted. They obviously wanted him dead and they wanted his catalog. They got both. Money, money, money… Still not good enough. _Oprah’s never been on our team._ That’s a huge statement. Perhaps Mo’Nique’s been right all along. But because she’s rich and we’re po’, it doesn’t matter. I get it.

  7. That one dislike was from Wade Robson. In all seriousness I hate how the media twists the lies of people in order to get us to believe the media. I believe in facts not people.

  8. Unfortunately in our current society people would rather believe the lie than the truth. End of times are here for good

  9. It doesnt matter if they dont get money. They still get exposure, and especially sympathy from those who dont really know the full story.

  10. Just pulled up wades mothers depositions for trial and he took acting classes and got a agent. Wades a better actor so he takes the tougher questions. James isn’t as smooth of a liar. This is sick to do. So glad Brett Barnes is sueing hbo. Mackalay culkin should too. They were actually close to Michael unlike these two who won dance contests and had stage moms that Michael was okay to but far from grooming according to his mothers depositions! She complains of how she could never get ahold of Michael Jackson but wanted him to give wade jobs! The jury
    didn’t believe them and neither did a judge!

    • Thank you. You are one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to Michael Jackson and these accusers.

  11. Taj keep fighting for Michael,no matter how hard they try,they can’t destroy his legacy and the legacy that him and his brothers brought to black people.There is where the jealousy comes in at no one will ever duplicate what the Jacksons did for our people,they gave us the true meaning of being black and proud,Oprah can’t say that!For the record Michael was bigger than Oprah

  12. Michael Jackson owned half of Sony – the masters to Beatles, sly and the family stone, Little Richard, james bond theme tune etc. They killed him.

  13. I feel like Taj knows a lot about people going after his uncle spill the Tea boy 5

  14. Funny how she hasn’t mentioned anything about her friend Harvey Weinstein. Hypocritical much Oprah?

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