Mother of Tekashi69’s Baby Says Family at Risk After He Snitched | TMZ

Tekashi69 is hanging his 3-year-old daughter out to dry by diming out his fellow gang members to the feds … this according to the mother of his child.


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    • Killmonger 509 who cares she was sucking shotti off behind his back she just anther Thot

    • +Julia Mimi I am sorry but your lack of knowledge is very sad she only had a job for less than a year of her life welfare is not a job before treyway there was scum gang and guess what before that he was on tour overseas getting paid like 3000 a show how you think he met trippy red? I not saying he was making bank but he was earning and I am not saying sara didn’t help I’m saying welfare is not a job

  1. Thought she said she would never come in between him and his daughter 🤔 guess things have really changed!

    • +jerry hilaski what do you mean until the money stopped??? She w as with this man when he worked at a sandwich shop. Idiot, smh

    • Come on use your freaking head so she should put her daughter in more danger and risk her life.

    • +M_A_R Zzzz If that were the case and she allowed that to happen over the yrs it doesn’t mean she can’t improve herself learn from mistakes and make changes without thinking about his girlfriend. Keep in mind that you are not with these people 24/7 and you don’t know the choices she may have had to make to survive. Social media and the research you may have done will never give you the full story. So leave the woman alone

  2. Lmao she’s just pissed he won’t be able to buy her rolexes and vehicles while he’s in prison

    • +Kelly Forester TMZ is a news/ media outlet, its their job to report on this stuff. I find it stupid how people say TMZ are snitches. And all the info on 69 is public domain so the public was going to find out regardless.

    • When he said on the breakfast club that the only thing he fear is the feds… I was like ya he telling…when he said Cali got dirty blood’s I was like yup he not a real blood

  3. Tekashi should have given his daughter and baby’s mother that $285k he blew on his girlfriend’s Benz Truck and Rolex. His girlfriend isn’t going to be around after he gets sentenced 15-20 years, but that baby and her mother will!!!

  4. *Please ladies… for the love of god … never leave your house with your eyebrows and baby hairs looking like this*

  5. I hope no one harms her and any of his family. You don’t get any stripes for messin with kids and other non actives (a.k.a. civilians).

  6. It’s not the fact of her having to get a job, it’s the fact that Takashi69 obviously didn’t calculate this day coming and never prioritize. In the end his daughter is the only thing that matters and with one parent in jail, i ask you should his baby mama have to struggle to bring his child up while in the end the lawyers get his money. As parents we are responsible for making sure our kids grow to be if not more successful than at least just as. She deserve to have that chance and it just been compromised!!

    • Jeffrey Holmes realest comment ever💯💯💯 I really hope his daughter is GREAT and that her mother isn’t too hurt to hide her pain n discomfort throughout this situation. It’s crazy how some FATHERS don’t think past their BS and how it could affect the BIGGER BIGGER PICTURE! La vida es REAL….pero la gente no quieren levantarrrr

    • No, she didn’t prioritize! She wasn’t married to him she should have took a initiative for herself and her child and build her own way when that money was coming in !!! To worried about rolex’s and Benz’s!!! Should have been worried about a degree or a brand!!!

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